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Theatre Curriculum


The theatre program at Clemson combines exciting aspects of performance, design, and playwriting in an academically challenging environment. While our majors do specialize, they are introduced to every aspect of a theatrical event. Students experience a department intent on exposing them to a wide variety of performances and plays - from classical to contemporary - emphasizing rich production values and thematic/structural diversity of new works.

Students learn the traditional curriculum, but also delve into subjects such as the history of musical theatre; "page-to-stage" adaptations or original ensemble-based created work; color theory; Japanese theatre; and language-based study of dialects. In 1964, a small group of Clemson students interested in producing dramatic works for the stage formed the Clemson Players. Today, over 40 years later, a team comprised of the Players, performing arts majors, guest directors, and technicians, and Department of Performing Arts faculty and staff, co-produce an annual season of plays at the Brooks Center for the Performing Arts.