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Requirements and Courses

Minor Requirements (in effect Fall 2017):

A minor in Middle Eastern Studies requires 15 credit hours which are distributed as follows: three credits from Group I (Religion and Culture), three credits from Group II (History and Politics), and nine additional credits selected from any of the courses listed in Group I, Group II, or other approved courses. Middle Eastern Studies minors are encouraged to learn languages native to the region. On a case by case basis, students with intermediate level or higher proficiency in a Middle Eastern language may also earn credit for their language skills. Please contact the Director of the Middle Eastern Studies Minor to discuss credit for language skills, approved courses for the minor not listed in the description above, independent studies or any other issue.

Group I (Religion and Culture) - REL 3030, REL 3060, REL 3150, REL 3510, ENGL 3540.
Group II (History and Politics) - HIST 3510, HIST 3520, HIST 3960, HIST 3970, HIST 4720, HIST 4880*, PO SC 4760.
*May be repeated for a maximum of six credits with the consent of the Director of the Middle Eastern Studies Minor.

Courses Offered:

REL 3030: The Quran
REL 3150: Islam
REL 3060: Judaism
REL 3510: Ancient Near East
ENGL 3540: Literature of the Middle East and North Africa
HIST 3510: Ancient Near East
HIST 3520: Egypt in the Days of the Pharaohs
HIST 3960: The Middle East to 1800
HIST 3970: The Modern Middle East
HIST 4720: Medieval Conquests and Crusades
HIST 4880: Studies in Modern Middle East History
PO SC 4760: Middle East Politics