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Study Abroad 2014

Rome and Italy

From Jupiter Capitolinus to Jesus Christ: Study Abroad to Rome and Italy 

What: Travel to a variety of archaeological sites, ancient basilicas, and museums in Rome and other Italian cities will help students encounter the material world in which the Roman Empire switched its allegiance from Jupiter Capitolinus and other traditional deities to Jesus Christ, a Galilean Jew.  This study-abroad opportunity enhances the Philosophy and Religion Department’s traditional courses in New Testament, Early Christianity, and Religions of the Ancient World, as well as courses in the History Department in Roman and medieval European history by providing students an immersion experience that will: 


1)    cause a heightened awareness of the pagan world into which Christianity was born, particularly with respect to pre-Christian Roman religion;

2)    provide an acute sense of the geography and material culture of early Roman Christianity;

3)    illumine various aspects of early Christian texts; and

4)    give a framework for understanding the historical tensions that existed between pagans and Christians from Nero to Julian.

We’ll visit Rome during the first half of the trip and venture to other Italian cities (Naples, Florence, Milan, Venice and several others) during the second half.  Click here for the two-week itinerary.

St. Peters

When: May 16 - June 5, 2014

Who: Drs. Benjamin L. White (Religion) and Emily Wood (History) are the faculty leaders of the trip, which is open to all Clemson students.

Why: Earn course credit!  Students earn either 6 credits of Religion 4100 (Holy Lands) or 6 credits of History 4500/6500 and 4700/6700 (Seminars in Ancient and Early Modern History) while encountering the material world of ancient and medieval Italy.


  • Tuition for 6 hours: $3,696
  • Summer School Fee: $11
  • Program Fee: $1,550 (if 25 students) or $2000 (if 20 students) or somewhere in between

                        -Housing (14 nights)

                        -13 Breakfasts and Dinners


                        -Land and Water Transportation within Italy

                        -All entry fees, tips, service charges and local taxes

                        -Whispers Headsets

  • Books: $100
  • Airfare: Not included, variable (depending on originating airport and use of airline miles)
  • Lunch and Spending $$: Not included


Application Deadline: March 1, 2014.  We can only take 25 students on this trip, so you should get your application in ASAP.  It can be found here.

For more information, contact Dr. White ( or join our Facebook Group.