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Faculty Bio

Smith, Kelly C.

Smith, Kelly C.

Assoc. Professor of Philosophy & Biological Sciences; Fellow of the Rutland Institute for Ethics; Clinical Assis. Professor, USC School of Medicine

Office: 208 Hardin
Phone: 864-650-1093

Ph.D., Duke University; M.S. in Zoology (Evolutionary Genetics), Duke University

Kelly received his M.S. in Zoology (Evolutionary Genetics) from Duke University in 1992, followed by his Ph.D. in Philosophy in 1994. He wears several different professional hats, with joint appointments in Clemson’s department of Biological Sciences and as a C. Calhoun Lemon Fellow of our Rutland Institute for Ethics. In 2012, he was appointed to the faculty of the University of South Carolina Medical School in Greenville, where he oversees their ethics curriculum. Kelly’s research is similarly wide ranging and includes work on the concept of genetic disease; the relationship between religious faith and scientific reasoning; the ethical implications of new biotechnologies; complex systems in developmental and evolutionary biology; the origins and nature of life and philosophical issues surrounding the search for life on other planets. His regular teaching rotation currently includes Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 1010), Logic (PHIL 1020), Evolution and Creation (PHIL 2100) Science and Values (PHIL 3260), and a seminar on Kant (PHIL 4020). He occasionally teaches other courses such as Environmental Ethics (PHIL 345), Medical Ethics (PHIL 346), Philosophy and Biology (PHIL/BIOSC 485/685), The Philosophical Foundations of Science and Calhoun Honors seminars such as The Lure and Fear of Biotechnology.