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Case Studies


Working with information and product developers and software engineers at AT&T GIS, the faculty and staff have helped AT&T GIS to cut their support costs and improve their product development cycles. Since 1993, we have worked with AT&T GIS to dramatically improve their software interfaces, user manuals, packaging systems, and mass marketing materials.


Because our usability testing research and client training programs have focused on mission-critical products for our industry partners, the usability publications of our faculty and graduate students are frequently proprietary and subject to strict non-disclosure contracts.

Other Clients

  • AT&T Global Information Solutions, Liberty SC
  • IBM Programs & Information Products, Boca Raton FL
  • IBM Ease of Use and Architecture, Austin TX
  • NCR Corp., Liberty SC
  • Tile Council of America, Pendleton SC
  • Time/Warner, Inc., New York, NY
  • U.S. Dept. of Justice BGCA Leadership Institute, Washington DC