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"World cinema is simply the cinema of the world. It has no centre. It is not the other, but it is us. It has no beginning and no end, but is a global process. World cinema, as the world itself, is circulation.

World cinema is not a discipline, but a method, a way of cutting across film history according to waves of relevant films and movements, thus creating flexible geographies.

As a positive, inclusive, democratic concept, world cinema allows all sorts of theoretical approaches, provided they are not based on the binary perspective." Lúcia Nagib

World Cinema Quick Links:

World Cinema Student Spotlight

Addison Cox | Alex Mueller

Addison Cox is a senior World Cinema major at Clemson University. During her time as a Clemson film student, she has interned with Alabama Media Group as a Production Assistant to Facebook Watch’s new web-series, Chasing Corruption. Addison also helped kick-start a new production club on campus called Open Studio. In her free time, she enjoys serving as a CAAH Ambassador, while forming friendships with fellow World Cinema students. 

Alex Mueller is senior World Cinema major who works as a student videographer for Clemson Creative Solutions and the football program. One notable project Alex created at Clemson was the "This is Why We Work" fourth quarter video in 2018. Alex also has interned with the Chicago Fire Soccer Club as a creative content producer.

World Cinema Faculty Spotlight

Aga Skrodzka

Dr. Skrodzka’s recent research and pedagogy interests include world cinema, transnational classroom, gender and class politics on screen, (post)socialist visual cultures, and narratives of trafficking and sex slavery. Skrodzka is the author of Magic Realist Cinema in East Central Europe (EUP, 2012) and the lead editor of Oxford Handbook of Communist Visual Cultures (OUP, 2019). She co-chairs the RCID Cinema-Games Colloquium and is a member of the peer-review college for the UK-based journal Studies in European Cinema. In 2012-14, Skrodzka spearheaded the creation of Clemson University’s World Cinema major. In Spring 2019, she was the Fulbright Core Scholar in Warsaw, Poland.