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laterna magicaAfter completing the proposed course of study, graduates will have a firm grasp of the histories, aesthetics, and theories of cinema and other visual media, and an understanding of the ways in which cinema intersects with other intellectual and cultural practices (mass media, literature, politics, economics, philosophy, etc.) in an international/intercultural context. All students will have the opportunity to put their knowledge to practical use through internships in the regional film, TV and advertising industries and to participate in the study-abroad program, which provides an authentic experience in terms of studying World Cinema.

 Students must complete four semesters of language requirement in order to acquire the fluency necessary to conduct cross-cultural research. Additionally, for students whose primary interest is in video/digital production, the program offers courses that provide introductory training in these areas. For most students, courses in production would serve primarily to give them a well-rounded understanding of the technical components involved in production, rather than being the principal focus of their studies. Students with a main interest in the technical side of cinema may apply to production programs nationwide and/or seek entry into the industry’s network of internships and apprenticeships upon completing our course of study.