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CAAH Dean's Advisory Councils

Dean's Advisory Councils:

CAAH Faculty Advisory Council

The Dean's Faculty Advisory Council meets at least three times each semester, and more often as necessary, to advise the dean on matters relating to public relations of the College within and outside the University, facility use, dean's appointments to University committees, faculty development (excluding appointment, appointment renewal, promotion and tenure) and student development (excluding student admission, progression and graduation), as well as other matters not restricted to the purview of other University offices or agencies. The council consists of seven members, each serving a two-year term. New members are elected at a meeting of the College faculty during the spring semester. Of the seven members, no fewer than three shall come from the School of the Humanities, two from the School of Design and Building, and one from the School of the Arts. The seventh member is elected at large. No more than one member shall serve simultaneously from any academic unit in the College.

Members of the 2020-2021 Faculty Advisory Council:

  • Andreea Mihalache
  • Charles Starkey
  • Denise Detrich
  • Michael Carlos Barrios Kleiss
  • Nic Brown
  • Pauline De Tholozany
  • Rachel Moore

CAAH Staff Advisory Council

The Dean's Staff Advisory Council meets regularly throughout the academic year to advise the dean on all matters relating to staff in AAH. Members are elected by the staff in their respective academic buildings.

Members of the 2020-2021 Staff Advisory Council:

  • Sarah Edison, Brooks Center 
  • Linda Tindal, Hardin Hall
  • Michelle Marchesse, Lee Hall
  • Meredith McTigue, Lee Hall
  • Carolyn Crist, Strode Tower
  • Ashley Crisp, Strode Tower
  • Claire Kelly, At-Large