College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities

CAAH Faculty & Staff Directory

AAH Office of the Dean

Baldwin, Shannon Staff 864-656-3879
Cromer, Mary Alice Staff 864-656-3081
Davis, Jeannie Staff 864-656-1821
Egan, Nancee Staff 864-656-3636
Foster, Regina Staff 864-656-3636
Goodstein, Richard E. Faculty 864-656-3084
Kahera, Akel I. Faculty 864-656-3260
Lamar, Beth Anne Staff 656-5670
Nakuma, Constancio K. Faculty 864-656-3879
Nieves, Eduardo Staff 864-656-0929
Plocic, Gale Staff 864-656-3084
Robinson, Connie A. Staff 864-656-3260
Sinclair, Chris Staff 864-656-3904
Sligh, Lillie Kirby Staff 864/656-6411
Woodward, Richard Staff 864-656-7699
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AAH Advising Center

Bargeloh, Brandie Lynn Staff 864-656-4484
Kovach, Lindsey Staff 864-656-4484
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AAH Business Support Services

Burton, Pam Staff 864-656-3394
Fletcher, Sharon E. Staff 864-656-4222
Gamble, Annette Staff 864-656-3264
Geroux, Andrea Staff 864-656-5578
Harris, Angie Staff 864-656-0826
Peppers, Takoma Juauan Staff 864-656-2853
Stephens, Jacqueline S. Staff 864-656-3264
Team, Elizabeth H. Staff 864-656-3154
Ward, Shekinda Staff 864-656-3917
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School of Architecture

Albright, Dustin Faculty 864-656-3905
Allison, David J Faculty 864-656-3897
Barker, James F. Faculty 864-656-3884
Barrios, Carlos Faculty
Battisto, Dina Faculty 864-656-3900
Blouin, Vincent Faculty 864-656-5352
Brown, Nancy Staff 864/656-3898
Bruhns, Robert Faculty
Choma, Joseph Faculty
Edwards, Byron Faculty
Ersoy, Ufuk Faculty
Fera, Francesco Saverio Faculty 0011 39 010 2725449
Franco, David Faculty n/a
Garland, Bo Faculty
Green, Keith E Faculty 864-656-3887
Hambright-Belue, Sallie Faculty 864-656-3906
Harding, Dan Faculty 864-506-6645
Hecker, Douglas Faculty
Heine, Ulrike Faculty
Hogan, Robert Faculty 864-656-3914
Huff, Ray Faculty 843.723.1747
Jacques, Annemarie Faculty
Jennings, Ashley Faculty 843-723-1749
Kahera, Akel Faculty 864-656-0377
Kauffman, Esther L. Staff 864/656-3896
Laurence, Peter Faculty 864-656-1499
Lee, David Faculty
Leounis, Brian Faculty
Lindsey, Jacob Faculty
McLane, Michelle K Staff 864/656-3938
Mendez, Clarissa Faculty
Mills, Criss Faculty
Montilla, Armando Faculty
Pastre, David Faculty 843-696-3343
Roldan, Miguel Faculty 9-011-34-93-441-43-99
Rose, Miriam Joyce Staff 843/723-1747
Satoh, Junichi Faculty
Schafer, George J. Faculty
Schwennsen, Kate Faculty 864-656-3895
Silance, Robert Faculty
Skinner, Martha Faculty
Soleimani, Arash Faculty
Thomas, Jim Faculty 846-723-6651
Wilkerson, Julie Faculty
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Department of Art

Blanken, Kara Staff
Cook, Gillian Staff 864-656-3881
Cross, Sydney A. Faculty 864-656-3881 (Art Dept. Main Office)
Detrich, David M. Faculty 864-656-3890
Donar, David Stewart Faculty 864-656-3881 (Art Dept. Main Office)
Dorsey, Lydia Faculty
Feeser, Andrea V. Faculty 864-656-3881 (Art Dept. Main Office)
Hung, Christina Nguyen Faculty 864-656-3881 (Art Dept. Main Office)
Lauritis, Beth Anne Faculty 864-656-3881 (Art Dept. Main Office)
Manson, Joey Faculty 864-656-3928
McDonald, Todd A. Faculty 864-656-3881 (Art Dept. Main Office)
McTigue, Meredith Mims Staff
Shelnutt, Greg W. Faculty 864-656-3880
Thum, Kathleen Faculty 864-656-3881 (Art Dept. Main Office)
Woodward-Detrich, Denise C. Faculty 864-656-0457
Wrangle, Anderson Faculty 864-656-3881 (Art Dept. Main Office)
Zimany, Valerie A. Faculty 864-656-3881 (Art Dept. Main Office)
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Department of Communication Studies

Ash, Erin Faculty 864-656-1567
Baker, Caitlin Faculty 864-656-1567
Boatwright, Brandon Faculty 864-656-1567
Davis, Alexis Zachary Faculty 864-656-1567
Davis, Alyssa Faculty 864-656-1567
Denham, Bryan E. Faculty 864-656-1567
Dixon, Lindsey Faculty 864-656-1567
Fecher, Leland Faculty 864-656-1567
Geddes, Doreen Faculty 864-656-4727 n/a
Glaser, Marianne Herr Faculty 864-656-1567
Grant, Shana Staff 864-656-1567
Hughes, Tiffany Staff 864-656-1567
Johnson, Wanda Faculty 864-656-3038
Jones, Karyn O. Faculty 864-656-1567
Kendall, Brenden E. Faculty 864-656-1567
Kumanyika, Chenjerai Faculty 864-656-1567
Linvill, Darren L. Faculty 864-656-1567
Matthey, Pauline Faculty 864-656-1567
Mazer, Joseph P. Faculty 864-656-1567
Mooney, Katelyn Faculty 419-651-2751
Norton, Ross Faculty 864-656-4727
Pindar, Lori Staff 864-656-5747
Pratt, Angela N. Faculty 864-309-0516
Pugh, Marilyn Faculty 864-656-1567
Pyle, Andrew S. Faculty 864-656-1567
Roberts, James Isaac Faculty 864-656-7905
Rodgers, James Faculty 864-650-0998
Ruhl, Stephanie M. Faculty 864-656-1567
Sanderson, Jimmy Faculty 864-656-1567
Schoonover, Katie Faculty 864-656-1567
Scott, David Travers Faculty 864-656-1567
Smith, Eddie R. Faculty 864-656-1567
Spinda, John Faculty 864-656-1567
Taweh, Jumah Faculty 864-656-1567
Weathers, Melinda Faculty 864-656-1567
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Department of Construction Science and Management

Anthony, Deborah S Staff 864/656-0181
Bausman, Dennis C. Faculty 364-656-3919
Burgett, Joe Faculty 864-656-6739
Clarke, Shima Faculty 864/656-4498
DeVita, David J Faculty 864/656-0181
Liska, Roger W. Faculty 864/656-3878
Lucas, Jason D. Faculty 864/656-6959
Piper, Christine A Faculty 864/656-7581
Smith, James P. Faculty 864-656-7473
Wintz, Joseph A Faculty 864/656-3885
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Department of English

Allred, Sherri Terese Faculty
Ashton, Susanna Faculty
Beck, Brennan Staff 864-656-3152
Beck, Katalin Faculty
Benson, Christopher A Faculty
Bertholf, Garry Faculty
Blakesley, David Faculty (864) 656-3062
Brown, Nic Faculty
Bushnell, Cameron Fae Faculty
Chapman, Wayne Faculty (864) 656-5399
Clarke, Emily Staff 864-656-3151
Conway, John Faculty
Coombs, David Faculty
Cooper, Sarah Faculty
Cowden, Ashley S Faculty
Eatman, Megan Faculty
Field, Jonathan Beecher Faculty (864) 656-3290
Foltz, David Charles Faculty
Ghita, Lucian Faculty
Goss, Erin M. Faculty
Hankins, Gabriel Faculty
Haynes, Cynthia Ann Faculty (864) 656-3040
Holmevik, Jan Rune Faculty 864-656-5413
Howard, Tharon Faculty (864) 656-3488
Hunter, Walt Faculty
Katz, Steven Faculty
Kettnich, Karen Faculty
Kudera, Alexander P Faculty
Lauro, Sarah Juliet Faculty
LeMahieu, Michael Faculty
Lemons, Andy Faculty
MacAlystre, Megan Noel Faculty
Manganelli, Kimberly Snyder Faculty (864) 656-5408
Mastroianni, Dominic Faculty
Mathas, Andrew Faculty
McCarroll, Meredith Faculty
McGrath, Brian Faculty (864) 656-3151
Monaghan, Amy N Faculty
Morey, Sean Faculty
Morgenstern, John Faculty
Morris, Keith Faculty
Morrissey, Lee Faculty (864) 656-3151
Naimou, Angela Faculty
Nalley, Kathleen Faculty
Palmer, R Barton Faculty
Paterson, Adrian Faculty 864-656-3152
Paul, Catherine Faculty
Pelt, April Faculty
Pressley, Beverly Staff 864-656-5381
Pulley, William M Faculty
Pursley III, John Logan Faculty
Ramirez, Barbara J Faculty
Randall, Philip D Faculty
Rivlin, Elizabeth Faculty
Salley, Leslie Faculty
Schilleman, Matthew Faculty
Shirley, Melody Fowler Faculty
Skrodzka-Bates, Aga Faculty
Stansell, Elizabeth Anderson Faculty
Stanton, William A Faculty
Stockton, William Faculty
Stubblefield, David Faculty
Swords, Allen N. Faculty
Thomas, Lindsay Faculty
Thomas, Rhondda Robinson Faculty
Vitanza, Victor Faculty (864) 656-6411
Waggoner, Joshua Faculty
Weise, Jillian Faculty
Williams, Sean Faculty
Woosley-Goodman, Megan Faculty
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Department of History

Anderson, Paul Christopher Faculty 864/656-3153
Andrew Jr., Rod Faculty 864/656-3153
Barczewski, Stephanie L. Faculty 864/656-3153
Bartley, Abel A. Faculty 864/656-5372
Bein, Amit Faculty 864/656-3153
Burns, James M. Faculty 864/656-3153
Burton, Orville Vernon Faculty (864) 656-7136
Carney, Elizabeth D. Faculty 864/656-3153
Dunn, Caroline Faculty 864/656-3153
Grant, H. Roger Faculty (864) 656-5371
Grubb, C. Alan Faculty (864) 656-5360
Howard, Lance Forrest Faculty (864) 656-2004
Jeffries, James Bradford Faculty (864) 656-5377
Kuehn, Thomas J. Faculty (864) 656-5361
Mack, Pamela E. Faculty (864) 656-3153
Marcus, Sheri Ellen Staff 864/656-7538
Marks, Steven G. Faculty (864) 656-3153
Meng, Michael L. Faculty (864) 656-3153
Moore, Rachel Anne Faculty (864) 656-3153
Morey, Maribel Faculty
Moïse, Edwin E. Faculty (864) 656-3153
Saunders Jr., Richard L. Faculty (864) 656-3153
Silvestri, Michael S. Faculty (864) 656-3153
Smith, Christa A. Faculty (864) 656-3153
Taylor-Shockley, Megan Faculty (864) 656-3153
Terry, William Faculty (864) 656-3153
White, Leslie Faculty 864-903-1103
Wilson, Lee B. Faculty
Wood, Emily K Faculty 864-656-5377
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Department of Landscape Architecture

Chang, Hyejung Faculty (505) 506-1236
Hewitt, Robert R Faculty (864) 656-6698
Holland, Martin J. Faculty (864) 650-8370
Lycke, David Faculty (864)656-6787
Marchesse, Michelle Staff 864-656-3926
Nassar, Hala Faculty (864) 656-2499
Padua, Mary G. Faculty (864) 656-3925
Powers, Matthew Faculty 864-656-4408
Russell, Paul C Faculty
Schurch, Tom Faculty 864-656-1055
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Department of Languages

Abousamra, Sulafa Faculty 656-4367
An, Yanming Faculty 864-656-3395
Anido, Raquel Faculty 656-3402
Barattoni, Luca Faculty 656-3538
Brant, William A. Faculty 656-3396
Bridgwood, Joan Faculty 656-4503
Buitrago Gonzalez, Mirelly Faculty 656-4367
Carson, Kari Faculty 656-4367
Chen, Su-I Faculty 656-2852
Cruz, Zenia Faculty 656-1348
Ferrell, J Lee Faculty 656-1348
Fitzmaurice, Stephen Benjamin Faculty 864-431-7778
Greene, Michael D Faculty 656-1671
Greene, Molly Atkinson Staff 656-3393
Hammond, Deborah L Staff 656-2626
Harris, Scott K Faculty 656-1670
Joerger, Toshiko Faculty 656-2852
Killey, Hamilton Faculty 656-2852
King, Harris Faculty 656-4367
Kishimoto, Toshiko Faculty 656-5393
Knight, Kenneth Faculty
Liu, Zhuoqun Faculty 656-4367
Lombardi, Valentina Faculty 656-3096
Love, Jeff Faculty 656-5406
Mai, Joseph H. Faculty 656-3241
Mares Hernandez, Filiberto Faculty 656-2852
Martín Armas, J. Dolores Faculty 656-4367
Massei, Monica Faculty 656-3392
May, Paul Faculty 250-8878
Miller, Tiffany D. Creegan Faculty 656-3546
Misener Dunn, Kim Faculty 656-2852
Montes, Heidi J Faculty 656-4367
Oropesa, Salvador A. Faculty 864-656-3544
Palacios, George Faculty 656-3411
Peebles, Kelly Digby Faculty 656-3542
Persico, Melva Faculty 656-2852
Robison, Cathy A Faculty 656-3421
Rojas de Massei, Mónica M. Faculty 656-3392
Salces y Nedeo, Anne Carole Faculty 864-656-2852
Sawyer, Amy Lyn Griffin Faculty 656-1348
Schmidt, Johannes Faculty 656-4299
Schmidt, Julia Faculty 656-4299
Schmucker, Ellory Faculty 656-4367
Shoji, Kazuko Faculty 864-656-0258
Simpson, Roger K Faculty 656-3421
Smith, Daniel J. Faculty 656-3086
Stoicea, Gabriela Faculty 656-3541
Tissera, Graciela E Faculty 656-3493
Touya, Eric R Faculty 656-3540
Tremolada, Ricardo Faculty 656-1348
Whitehouse, Allison Faculty 656-1671
Widgren, Kenneth Faculty 656-1348
Williams, Leslie Faculty n/a
Zaczek, Barbara M. Faculty 656-3544
Zamora, Maureen Faculty 656-1348
Zhang, Yanhua Faculty 656-3122
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Department of Performing Arts

Adkins, Jason Faculty 864-656-3043
Altstatt, Hamilton S Faculty 864-656-3043
Anderson, Matthew T. Faculty 864-656-3043
Bannister Jr, Hazen Duane Faculty 864-656-3043
Bracchitta, Ian Faculty 864-656-3043
Breitmeier, Jim Staff 864-656-3043
Browder, Luke Faculty 864-656-3043
Buyer, Paul L Faculty 864-656-3857
Christmas, Jeff Faculty 864-656-3043
Collins, Carol A Faculty 864-656-3043
Conley, David A. Faculty 864-656-1565
Craig, Monty S Faculty 864-656-3043
Durham, Justin W Faculty 864-656-4669
Dzuris, Linda Faculty 864-656-3043
Edison, Sarah Staff 864-656-1478
Fischer, Stephen Faculty 864-656-3043
Goodloe, Cindy Roden Faculty 864-656-3043
Harder, Lillian Utsey Faculty 864-656-3043
Hartmann, David J. Faculty 864-656-3043
Hosler, Cheryl L Faculty 864-656-3043
Hosler, Mark Faculty 864-656-3043
Hudgins, Thomas Staff 864-656-1478
Hurlburt, Timothy Ray Faculty 864-656-3380
Jacobus, Rhea Faculty 864-656-3043
Jeffries, Maryjo Staff 864-656-7787
Johnson, Kendra Lynette Faculty 864-656-3043
Kaplar, Susan Staff 864-656-7951
Kibler, Lea F Faculty 864-656-3043
Kirkpatrick, Daniel Faculty 864-656-3043
Lapin, Eric Faculty 864-656-3043
Leckenbusch, Matt Staff 864-656-3043
Levin, Andrew R Faculty 864-656-0381
Li-Bleuel, Linda L Faculty 864-656-3043
Martin, Nancy Staff 864-656-7787
Massey, Sonja Staff 864-656-3380
McCoy, Dan Staff 864-656-0172
Miller, Sybil Staff 864-656-3043
Moore III, Kenneth W Faculty 864-656-1479
Odom, Lisa Sain Faculty 864-656-4398
Penna, Anthony M Faculty 864-656-6961
Pyle, Laura Faculty 864-656-3043
Robert, Shannon Therese Faculty 864-656-3043
Runge, Sarah Staff 864-656-1565
Seymour, Kerrie Kathleen Faculty 864-656-3043
Simpson, April Staff 864-656-2029
Spede, Mark J Faculty 864-656-3380
St. Peter, Rick Faculty 864-656-3043
Stevenson, David E Faculty 864-656-3043
Warlick, Leslie Taylor Faculty 864-656-3043
Warneck, Petrea Faculty 864-656-3043
Whisler, Bruce Allen Faculty 864-656-0172
Young, Trevis Staff 864-656-3043
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Department of Philosophy and Religion

Cohen, Peter A. Faculty 864-656-6697 x12
Delmas, Candice Faculty 864-656-6697 x16
Garnar, Andrew W. Faculty 864-656-6697 x13
Grau, Christopher M. Faculty 864-656-7907 x12
Grosby, Steven E. Faculty 864-656-7907 x13
Hall, Leora Morris Staff 864/656-2001
Hamberg, Barbara D Staff 864/656-2584
Hannen, Michael Faculty 864-656-6697 x14
Ingle, Jennifer F. Faculty 864-656-6697 x15
Lake, Ryan Faculty
Maker, William A. Faculty 864-656-5365
May, Todd G. Faculty 864-656-7907 x14
Moss, Gregory Scott Faculty
Perpich, Diane Faculty 864-656-7907 x15
Saif, Mashal Faculty n/a
Satris, Stephen A. Faculty 864-656-7907 x16
Smith, Kelly C. Faculty 864-656-7907 x17
Starkey, Charles Faculty 864-656-7907 x18
Stegall, David L. Faculty 864-656-6697 x17
Stephens, Robert J. Faculty 864-656-6697 x18
White, Benjamin L. Faculty 864-656-7907 x19
Wueste, Daniel E. Faculty 864-656-6147
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Department of Planning, Development and Preservation

Benedict, Robert Faculty 864-656-2476
Bennett, Craig Faculty n/a
Cunningham, Grant Faculty 864-656-1587
Dyckman, Caitlin Faculty 864-656-2496
Ellis, Cliff Faculty 864-656-2477
Farris, Terry Faculty 864-656-3903
Ford, Frances H. Faculty
Green, Tim Faculty 864-656-0428
Hudgins, Carter L. Faculty
Hughes, Phillip Rivers Faculty 864-656-4257 (MRED dept.)
Judson, Jahn Faculty
Kaufman, Reva Staff (864) 656-4945
King, Kristopher B. Faculty
Kohr, Andrew Faculty n/a
Lauria, Mickey Faculty 864-656-0520
Lawrence, Maurie Faculty 864-656-4257 (MRED dept.)
Leifeste, Amalia Faculty
Marks III, Richard Dunn Faculty
Matthews, Amy M Staff 864-656-4257
McKissick, James Faculty 864-656-4257 (MRED dept.)
Morris, Eric Faculty 864-656-0427
Muldrow, Ralph Faculty
Pemberton, Katherine Saunders Faculty
Peterson, Amanda Gail Staff 864-656-3926
Randolph, Jeffrey B Faculty 864-656-4257 (MRED dept.)
Rosenberg, David Faculty 864-656-4257
Ryan, Elizabeth Garrett Faculty
Schley, Mary Margaret Staff 843-937-9596
Schurch, Tom Faculty 864-656-1055
Spencer, James H. Faculty 864-656-1208
Sperry, Stephen Faculty 864-656-3635
Stiefel, Barry Louis Faculty
Stipes, Craig Faculty 864-656-4257 (MRED dept.)
Stone, Chuck Faculty 864-656-4257 (MRED dept.)
Wallin, Bogue Faculty 864-656-4257 (MRED dept.)
Warren, III, James I. "Jim" Faculty 864-656-4257 (MRED dept.)
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Misc Web Curators - GTA

Jones McLaughlin, Joslynn Faculty
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