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Faculty Bio

Jacques, Annemarie

Jacques, Annemarie

Senior Lecturer

Office: Lee 1-160

M.Arch., Clemson University; B.A., Clemson University

Curriculum Vitae

Annemarie Jacques is a senior lecturer at the School of Architecture who has taught primarily in the undergraduate architecture studios for the past 15 years. In the fall of 2008 three of her senior design students were selected as finalists in an open, international competition sponsored by 'Design for the Children.' The project was a children's health clinic prototype for East Africa organized by the Seattle chapter of 'Architecture for Humanity.' She is a practicing architect and sole proprietor of Pendleton Design Group designing single family residences, both new construction and renovations + additions. In addition to her teaching and practice of architecture, AJacques is also a photographer. She uses her photography as a teaching and learning tool. She free lances as a photo-journalist for local publications and internet sites and is currently developing a book of her images titled 'selected images: games, buildings, places... '.