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Hunter, Walt

Hunter, Walt

Assistant Professor

Office: 805 Strode
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Curriculum Vitae

My current book project, "Ecstatic Call: The Uses of Global Poetry," shows how the forms of contemporary poetry emerge in dynamic relation to the transformations of globalization from 1970 to the present. What happens when we think of poetry as a global literary form, and when we think of the global in poetic terms? I argue that poetry imagines powerful alternatives to the present, and that analyses of globalization are incomplete without it. "Ecstatic Call" contends that poetry’s role is not only to make visible thematically the violence of global processes, but to renew performatively the missing conditions for intervening within these processes. Poetic acts—in this book, the rhetoric of possessing, belonging, exhorting, and prospecting—address contemporary conditions that render social life ever more precarious. Poets creatively intervene in global processes by remaking their poetry’s repertoire of forms, from experiments in the sonnet to contemporary inventions of the ode.

Selected Professional Works

Books (In Production or Under Contract)

Frédéric Neyrat, Atopies (Éditions Nous, 2014). Co-translated with Lindsay Turner. Forthcoming from Fordham University Press.

Journal Articles & Book Chapters (Published)

"Speculations: New Irish Poetry," Jacket2 commentaries (spring 2015):

“Claude McKay’s Constabulary Aesthetics: The Social Poetics of the Jamaican Dialect Poems,” Modern Philology 111 (February 2014)

“Poetry and Sociality in a Global Frame,” College Literature 41.4 (fall 2014)

“Lyric and its Discontents,” minnesota review 79 (review essay; fall 2012)

“Chiasmus,” “cross rhyme,” “monorhyme,” “tail rhyme,” Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics. 4th ed. (Princeton UP, 2012)

“Kathy Acker and the Ethics of Frivolity,” Studies in American Humor 3 (fall 2011)

Journal Articles & Book Chapters (Accepted or Submitted)

“For a Global Poetics,” ASAP/Journal 1.3 (forthcoming September 2016)

“Planetary Dejection: An Ode to Finance,” symploke (special cluster on “Materialisms”; forthcoming December 2016)

"A Global 'We': Lyric Poetry in a Time of Precarious Life," Cultural Critique (forthcoming)

"The No Prospect Poem: Lyric Finality in Prynne, Awoonor, and Trethewey," minnesota review (forthcoming fall 2015)

"Poetry After Language," ARCADE colloquy, co-edited with Marijeta Bozovic (forthcoming fall 2015)

“Amassing Harmonies” Essays in Criticism (forthcoming 2015)

Conference Presentations (Delivered)

“Poetry and the Police,” Cultural Studies Association, Villanova, PA, 2-5 June, 2016

“Lyric Surplus, Social Death, Global Being” “Object Emotions: Polemics” Conference, Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK, 15-16 April, 2016

“For a Global Poetics,” American Comparative Literature Association, “Making It New(er): Amidst and Beyond the New Lyric Studies,” Cambridge, MA, 17-20 March, 2016

“The Breaking of the Day,” Modernist Studies Association, Boston, MA, 19-22 November, 2015

“Emotion Recollected in Precarity: Lost Worlds of the Lyric.” Plenary Talk, “Conditions of Precarity” Conference, Yale University, New Haven, CT 11 April 2014

“The Greater Contemporary Lyric.” American Comparative Literature Association, New York, NY, 20-23 March 2014

“Lyric Persistence.” “Emergent Precarities” Symposium, California State University, Los Angeles, 21 February 2014

“Yeats and the Cry of the World.” Modernist Studies Association, Pittsburgh, PA, 5-8 November 2014

“Precarious Commodities: Political Economy and the Contemporary Lyric Ode.” South Atlantic Modern Language Association, Atlanta, GA, 8-10 November 2013

“The Precarious World Lyric.” American Comparative Literature Association, Toronto, ON, 4-7 April 2013

“Real Cities: Claude McKay’s Lonely Planet.” “Moving Modernisms” Conference, Oxford University, 21 March 2012

“What Kambili Knew: Postcolonial Muddlement in James and Adichie.” “Transforming Henry James” Conference, Henry James Society, Rome, 8 July 2011


Artist Fellowship (Poetry), South Carolina Arts Commission (2017)

Poetry (Published)

“Distress Tolerance Handout 5,” Boston Review (24 April 2015):

Poetry (Forthcoming)

“No Trees,” Prelude (forthcoming 2016)

Reviews & Interviews

Review of Larissa Szporluk, Traffic with Macbeth, in Pleiades: A Journal of New Writing 33.1 (winter 2013)

Review of Zach Savich, Annulments, in Pleiades: A Journal of New Writing 32.1 (winter 2012)

Review of Brian Henry, Lessness, in Pleiades: A Journal of New Writing 32.2 (summer 2012)

Review of Donald Revell, The Bitter Withy, in Pleiades: A Journal of New Writing 31.2 (summer 2011)