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Faculty Bio

Tremolada, Ricardo

Tremolada, Ricardo

Lecturer of Spanish

Office: 316 Daniel

M.A., University of New York at Albany (1993); Ph.D. (ABD), University of Kentucky

Ricardo R. Tremolada is currently working as a Spanish Lecturer at Clemson University, South Carolina. He is the director of the Clemson Summer CLIP Program in Seville, Spain. Before moving to Clemson, he worked as a freelance Editor and Latin America Political Consultant. His credentials include a strong and multicultural academic background in Latin American studies and experience in writing and political consulting. He is originally from Peru, where he did most of his studies and worked as a journalist for several years. He received his M.A. in Spanish American Literature from State University of New York, Albany, with a thesis directed by Professor Luis Monguió: El futurismo italiano en la poesía de Alberto Hidalgo. While doing his doctoral studies at Georgetown University, he was Mario Vargas Llosa's Research Assistant. Ricardo is currently a PhD (ABD) from the University of Kentucky. He began his career in Peru, writing, editing and directing several large newspapers and popular magazines: founder/director of Hipocampo and director of La Crónica when he was 24 years old. He worked as a press adviser to the Peruvian President Alan Garcia, from 1985 to1988. Until recently, he kept a weekly Op-Ed in Peru21, a prominent Peruvian newspaper. He is currently finishing a book about nation, elites and intellectuals in Contemporary Latin America. It analyzes the life, work, interests, and social impact of a group of prominent intellectuals whose diverse trajectories illuminate the always complex connections between place, ideas, identities, and representation in the region. He has been working in the American academia for more than twenty years. He has taught interdisciplinary courses on Latin American culture at Georgetown University, Northwestern University, Princeton University and the University of Richmond, among others. He is also a writer. His first novel, En piedra viva, has been published in Italian (In Pietra Viva, Oedipus, Salerno, 2000), and in Spanish (San Marcos, Lima, 2002) Professional fields:Journalist, Writer, Professor and Political Consultant.