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Morey, Maribel

Morey, Maribel

Assistant Professor

Office: 018 Hardin Hall
Web Site:

Ph.D., Princeton University (2013); JD, NYU School of Law (2006)

Maribel Morey is a twentieth-century U.S. historian with particular interests in the sociology of knowledge on race and ethnicity, the history of U.S. philanthropy, and public policymaking on minority groups. Currently, she is writing a book tentatively titled, From Tuskegee to Myrdal. It describes the role of philanthropy in shaping national policymaking on African Americans in the United States during the first half of the twentieth century. Maribel's work has been published in journals such as Law, Culture, & the Humanities, New York University Law Review, and Reviews in American History. She is a co-founder and editor of HistPhil, a new web publication on the history of philanthropy. She is also a contributor for The Atlantic Online and Stanford Social Innovation Review. For more information on Maribel Morey, please go to