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Faculty Bio

Howard, Lance Forrest

Howard, Lance Forrest

Senior Lecturer

Office: 30 Hardin Hall
Phone: (864) 650-4908

Ph.D., University of California Los Angeles (1994)

At Clemson since 1995, Lance Howard has been teaching large sections of World Regional Geography as well as Cultural and Historical Geography to smaller groups. Howard is best described as a Humanist (as opposed to Human or Physical) Geographer, one who is interested primarily in the human experience of places and landscapes. A student of dowsing and geomancy his research explores the intimacy of humans with the natural world. Since Dr. Howard’s responsibilities at Clemson are confined to teaching, he conducts his research through his classwork. His Creative Inquiry class, Bringing Other Clemsons to Light, has developed the Clemson Brickmaking Project and the Seven Natural Wonders of the Clemson Campus as ways to engage students more intimately with their everyday landscape.

Selected Professional Works

Journal Articles & Book Chapters (Published)

The Introduction and Naturalization of Schinus molle (pepper tree) in Riverside, California,” Landscape and Urban Planning, 18: 77-95, 1989.

Plant Colonization on an Abandoned, Elevated Highway in New York City,” Yearbook of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers, 47: 89-104, 1985.

Biogeography and Prehistory of Shrublands,” in Johannes J. Devries, ed., Shrublands in California: Literature Review and Research Needed for Management, Contribution No.191 (Davis, CA: California Water Resources Center) pp. 8-24, 1985.