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Faculty Bio

Kendall, Brenden E.

Kendall, Brenden E.

Assistant Professor

Office: 404 Strode
Phone: 864-656-1567

Curriculum Vitae

I joined the Clemson University faculty in August 2010. Before that, I lived in Utah, Montana, and Oregon. My research engages the intersection of three areas in the field of communication studies: organizational, ethical, and environmental communication.

My qualitative research centers on how people conceptualize and frame communication itself (i.e., metacommunication), especially how they use those meanings to meet collective goals. I have presented this work at conferences around the world, including in New Orleans, USA for the National Communication Association, in Helsinki, Finland for the European Group on Organization Studies, and in Uppsala, Sweden for the International Environmental Communication Association.

I teach courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level, including courses as diverse as Introduction to Communication Studies, Qualitative Research Methods, Organizational Communication, Organizational Learning and Consulting (Advanced Organizational Communication), and, recently, a series of undergraduate senior-level seminars on ethics and community-based social marketing.

With students in my senior seminars, I have led the development of the ALL INtegrity Project (AIP). The AIP has emerged as a branded, student-driven, multimedia campaign to promote a culture of integrity in our classrooms and community at Clemson University. Students develop innovative events, messages and tools, and online media that promote an active, social, and uplifting image of ethical behavior in school and across all areas of professional life. The AIP will continue as a Creative Inquiry course; students interested in developing professional skills and making a positive difference in the Clemson Family should contact me by email.

Selected Professional Works

Books (Published)

George Cheney, Daniel J. Lair, Dean Ritz, & Brenden E. Kendall. (2010). Just a Job? Communication, Ethics, and Professional Life. New York: Oxford University Press.

Journal Articles & Book Chapters (Published)

George Cheney, Daniel J. Lair, & Brenden E. Kendall. (2013). Making Organization matter: Looking back and looking ahead. Organization, 20(1), 67-77.

Brenden E. Kendall. (2008). Personae and Natural Capitalism: Negotiating Politics and Constituencies in a Rhetoric of Sustainability. Environmental Communication: A Journal of Nature and Culture, 2(1), 59-77.

Brenden E. Kendall, Rebecca Gill, & George Cheney. (2007). Consumer Activism and Corporate Social Responsibility: How Strong a Connection? In Steven K. May, George Cheney, & Juliet Roper (Eds.), The Debate over Corporate Social Responsibility (pp. 241-264). New York: Oxford University Press.