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Faculty Bio

Skrodzka, Aga

Skrodzka, Aga

Associate Professor, Film Studies; Associate Chair

Office: 712 Strode
Phone: 864-656-3151

Focus: Film, Gender Theory and Transnational Studies

Research Interests: Film theory, transnational cinema, postsocialist cultures, narratives of exile and displacement, alternative aesthetics.

Selected Professional Works

Books (Published)

Magic Realist Cinema in East Central Europe. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2012.

Journal Articles & Book Chapters (Published)

"Disempowering Knowledge: How to Teach Not to Help" Teaching Transnational Cinema, eds. Katarzyna Marciniak and Bruce Bennett. [Routledge AFI Series, pp. 236-254, 2016]

“Why ‘goEast’ When They Are All Coming West?” Film Quarterly. [pp. 107-111, vol. 70:1, 2016]

“Cinematic Fairytales of Female Mobility in Post-Wall Europe: Hanna v. Mona” East, West and Centre: Reframing post-1989 European Cinema. Eds. Michael Gott and Todd Herzog [Edinburgh University Press, pp. 109-124, 2015]

“Subjectivity and the Ethics of Duty in Michael Mann’s Cinema” The Philosophy of Michael Mann. Ed. Steven Sanders [University Press of Kentucky, pp. 200-214, 2014]

“Woman’s Body and Her Pleasure in the Celluloid Erotica of Walerian Borowczyk” Studies in European Cinema [pp.67-79, vol. 8:1, 2011]

“Clandestine Human and Cinematic Passages in the United Europe: The Polish Plumber and Kieślowski’s Hairdresser” Studies in Eastern European Cinema [pp.75-90, vol. 2:1, 2011].

“Streets of Crocodiles in the New Europe” Third Text [pp. 663-668, vol. 25:5, 2011]

“The American Gangster Is Dead: The Incarnate Emptiness in Martin Scorsese’s The Departed” The Philosophy of Martin Scorsese. Ed. Mark T. Conard. [University Press of Kentucky, second edition, pp. 247-261, 2009].

“History from Inside Out: The Vernacular Cinema of Jan Jakub Kolski” KinoKultura [Special Issue 2, 2005;].

“Body, Technology, and Identity Politics in John Woo’s Face/Off” genre: An International Journal of Literature and the Arts [pp. 126-139, vol. 25, 2005]

Journal Articles & Book Chapters (Accepted or Submitted)

“Exploiting Art: Walerian Borowczyk’s Cinema of Sin” Shockers: A Volume on 1970s Extreme Cinema. Eds. Xavier Mendik and Julian Petley [I.B. Tauris, Forthcoming]

Conference Presentations (Delivered)

“Peddling Bodies: Sexploitation Element in Films about Sex Slavery” Cine-Excess IV: The Fourth International Conference on Global Cult Film Traditions, London. April 2010.

“Grounded: Vernacular Cinema of East Central Europe” The Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference, Los Angeles. March 2010.


CAAH Lightsey Fellowship, 2012-2013. Funded.

Gentry Endowment for Teaching Excellence in Humanities, 2012-13.

English Department’s Faculty Research Completion Award, 2012. Funded

Vending Machine Committee grant for the Clemson edition of The Southern Circuit Independent Filmmakers Series, 2010-2011. Funded.

Idol-South Award, 2010, Clemson. Funded.

National Endowment for the Arts Grant. In Support of The Southern Circuit Independent Filmmakers Series, 2008-2010. Funded.

Women’s Studies Forum Research Grant, 2008, Clemson. Funded.

Central European University, George Soros Summer University Fellowship, 2001, Budapest. Funded.