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Faculty and Staff

AAH Office of the Dean

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Baldwin, Shannon Staff 864-656-3879
Davis, Jeannie Staff 864-656-1821
Foster, Regina Staff 864-656-3636
Goodstein, Richard E. Faculty 864-656-3084
Nakuma, Constancio K. Faculty 864-656-3879
Nieves, Eduardo Staff 864-656-0929
Oberdan, Thomas J. Faculty 864-656-2299
Robinson, Connie A. Staff 864-656-3260
Sligh, Lillie Kirby Staff 864/656-6411
Spencer, James H. Faculty 864-656-0377
Stephens, Emma Staff 864-656-3081
Strickland, Lisa Staff 864-656-3084
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AAH Advising Center

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Bargeloh, Brandie Lynn Staff 864-656-4484
Howard, Aaron Staff (864) 656-1977
Kovach, Lindsey Staff 864-656-4484
Martin, Jessica Staff 864-656-1977
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AAH Business Support Services

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Burton, Pam Staff 864-656-3394
Cabrera, Rico Staff 864-656-3264
Davis, Heather Staff 864-656-5578
Fletcher, Sharon E. Staff 864-656-4222
Harris, Angie Staff 864-656-0826
Peppers, Takoma Juauan Staff 864-656-2853
Stephens, Jacqueline S. Staff 864-656-3264
Team, Elizabeth H. Staff 864-656-3154
Ward, Shekinda Staff 864-656-3917
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School of Architecture

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Albright, Dustin Faculty 864-656-3905
Allison, David J Faculty 864-656-3897
Anderson, Dana Staff 864-656-3884
Barker, James F. Faculty 864-656-3884
Barrios Kleiss, M. Carlos Faculty
Battisto, Dina Faculty 864-656-3900
Bayramzadeh, Sara Faculty 864-656-4658
Blouin, Vincent Faculty 864-656-5352
Brown, Nancy Staff 864-656-3898
Brown, Timothy Faculty 864-656-3914
Bruhns, Robert Faculty
Carroll, Silvia Staff n/a
Carroll, Silvia Staff n/a
Choma, Joseph Faculty
Collins, Kaycee Staff 864-656-3904
Delledonne, Nicola Faculty n/a
Edwards, Byron Faculty
Ersoy, Ufuk Faculty
Fera, Francesco Saverio Faculty 0011 39 010 2725449
Franco, David Faculty
Hambright-Belue, Sallie Faculty 864-656-3906
Harding, Dan Faculty 864-506-6645
Hecker, Douglas Faculty
Heine, Ulrike Faculty
Houayek, Henrique Faculty
Huff, Ray Faculty 843.723.1747
Jennings, Ashley Faculty 843-723-1749
Joseph, Anjali Faculty 864-656-2273
Kauffman, Esther L. Staff 864-656-3896
Laurence, Peter Faculty 864-656-1499
Lee, David Faculty
Leounis, Brian Faculty 864-656-3887
McLane, Michelle K Staff 864-656-3938
Mendez, Clarissa Faculty
Mihalache, Andreea Faculty
Mills, Criss Faculty
Pastre, David Faculty 843-696-3343
Poletti, Giuditta Faculty n/a
Rocco, Luca Faculty n/a
Roldan, Miguel Faculty 9-011-34-93-441-43-99
Rose, Miriam (Mimi) Staff 843-723-1747
Schafer, George J. Faculty
Schott, Joseph Faculty
Schwennsen, Kate Faculty 864-656-3895
Silance, Robert Faculty
Terim, Berrin Faculty n/a
Thomas, Jim Faculty 846-723-6651
Wilkerson, Julie Faculty
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Department of Art

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Anderson, Todd Faculty
Cook, Gillian Staff 864-656-3881 (Art Dept. Administrative Office)
Detrich, David M. Faculty 864-656-3890
Donar, David Stewart Faculty
Dorsey, Lydia Faculty
Feeser, Andrea V. Faculty
Hung, Christina Nguyen Faculty
Lauritis, Beth Anne Faculty
Manson, Joey Faculty 864-656-3928
McDonald, Todd A. Faculty
McTigue, Meredith Mims Staff
Shelnutt, Greg W. Faculty 864-656-3880
Thum, Kathleen Faculty
Woodward-Detrich, Denise C. Faculty
Wrangle, Anderson Faculty
Zimany, Valerie A. Faculty
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Department of Construction Science and Management

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Anthony, Deborah S Staff 864-656-0181
Bausman, Dennis Faculty 864-656-3919
Burgett, Joe Faculty 864-656-6739
Clarke, Shima Faculty 864-656-4498
DeVita, David J Faculty 864-656-0181
Liska, Roger W. Faculty 864-656-3878
Lucas, Jason D. Faculty 864-656-6959
Piper, Christine A Faculty 864-656-7581
Smith, James P. Faculty 864-656-7473
Wintz, Joseph A Faculty 864-656-3885
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Department of English

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Aldebol-Hazle, Kristen Faculty
Ashton, Susanna Faculty
Beck, Katalin Faculty
Benson, Christopher A Faculty
Bertholf, Garry Faculty
Blakesley, David Faculty (864) 656-3062
Brown, Nic Faculty
Bushnell, Cameron Fae Faculty
Citro, Daniel Faculty
Clarke, Emily Staff 864-656-3151
Conway, John Faculty
Coombs, David Faculty
Cooper, Sarah Faculty
Crist-Wagner, Keri Staff 656-3152
Dugan, Melissa Faculty
Eatman, Megan Faculty
Field, Jonathan Beecher Faculty
Fisk, Ashley S Faculty
Foltz, David Charles Faculty
Forsberg, Jennifer Faculty
Ghita, Lucian Faculty
Gorman, Austin Faculty
Goss, Erin M. Faculty
Green, La'Cresha Faculty
Hankins, Gabriel Faculty
Haynes, Cynthia Ann Faculty (864) 656-3040
Holmevik, Jan Rune Faculty
Howard, Tharon Faculty (864) 656-3488
Hudson, Benjamin Faculty
Hunter, Walt Faculty
Kartalopoulos, Stephanie Faculty
Katz, Steven Faculty
Kettnich, Karen Faculty
LeMahieu, Michael Faculty
Lemons, Andy Faculty
MacAlystre, Megan Noel Faculty
Manganelli, Kimberly Snyder Faculty (864) 656-5408
Mastroianni, Dominic Faculty
Mathas, Andrew Faculty
McGrath, Brian Faculty (864) 656-3151
Monaghan, Amy N Faculty
Morgenstern, John Faculty (864)656-2232
Morris, Keith Faculty
Morrissey, Lee Faculty (864) 656-3151
Naimou, Angela Faculty
Nalley, Kathleen Faculty
Palmer, R Barton Faculty
Pressley, Beverly Staff 864-656-5381
Pulley, William "Mike" Faculty
Pursley III, John Logan Faculty
Ramirez, Barbara J Faculty
Randall, Philip D Faculty
Rivlin, Elizabeth Faculty
Robinson, Geveryl Faculty
Skrodzka, Aga Faculty 864-656-3151
Smith, Brian Faculty
Stansell, Elizabeth Anderson Faculty
Stephens, Crystal Faculty
Stockton, William Faculty
Stripling, Stephanie Faculty
Swords, Allen N. Faculty
Thomas, Rhondda Robinson Faculty
Ty, Michelle Faculty
Vann, Katie Faculty
Vitanza, Victor Faculty (864) 656-6411
Weise, Jillian Faculty
Whitaker, Chloe Faculty
Wiley, Candace Faculty
Williams, Sean Faculty
Youssef, Sharif Faculty
Zertuche, Hayley Faculty
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Department of History

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Anderson, Paul Christopher Faculty 864/656-3153
Andrew Jr., Rod Faculty 864/656-3153
Barczewski, Stephanie L. Faculty 864/656-3153
Bartley, Abel A. Faculty 864/656-5372
Bein, Amit Faculty 864/656-3153
Burns, James M. Faculty 864/656-3153
Burton, Orville Vernon Faculty (217) 649-0608
Carney, Elizabeth D. Faculty 864/656-3153
Carter, Jeannette Staff 864/656-3153
Dayal, Subah Faculty (864) 656-3153
Dunn, Caroline Faculty 864/656-3153
Grant, H. Roger Faculty (864) 656-5371
Grubb, C. Alan Faculty (864) 656-5360
Howard, Lance Forrest Faculty (864) 650-4908
Jeffries, James Bradford Faculty (864) 656-5377
Kuehn, Thomas J. Faculty (864) 656-5361
LastName, FirstName Faculty n/a
Mack, Pamela E. Faculty (864) 656-3153
Marcus, Sheri E. Staff 864/656-7538
Marks, Steven G. Faculty (864) 656-3153
Meng, Michael L. Faculty (864) 656-3153
Moore, Rachel Anne Faculty (864) 656-3153
Morey, Maribel Faculty
Moïse, Edwin E. Faculty (864) 656-3153
Silvestri, Michael S. Faculty (864) 656-3153
Smith, Christa A. Faculty (864) 656-3153
Taylor-Shockley, Megan Faculty (864) 656-3153
Terry, William Faculty (864) 656-3153
Wilson, Lee B. Faculty
Wood, Emily K Faculty 864-656-5377
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Department of Landscape Architecture

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Chang, Hyejung Faculty (505) 506-1236
Hewitt, Robert R Faculty (864) 656-6698
Holland, Martin J. Faculty (864) 650-8370
Lycke, David Faculty (864)656-6787
Marchesse, Michelle Staff 864-656-3926
Nassar, Hala Faculty (864) 656-2499
Padua, Mary G. Faculty (864) 656-3925
Powers, Matthew Faculty 864-656-4408
Russell, Paul C Faculty
Schurch, Tom Faculty 864-656-1055
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Department of Languages

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Adams, Clementina R. Faculty n/a
An, Yanming Faculty
Anido, Raquel Faculty
Barattoni, Luca Faculty
Barrett, Michael Faculty
Brant, William A. Faculty
Bridgwood, Joan Faculty n/a
Buitrago-Gonzalez, Mirelly Faculty
Carson, Kari Faculty
Chen, Su-I Faculty 864-656-2852
Cranston, Mechthild Faculty n/a
Cruz Valderramos, Zenia Faculty
Fama, Adrienne Faculty
Ferrell, J Lee Faculty
Fitzmaurice, Stephen Faculty 864-431-7778
Garcia-Vieyra, Daniel Faculty
Greene, Molly Atkinson Faculty n/a
Hammond, Deborah L Staff 864-656-2626
Harris, Scott K Faculty 864-656-1670
Hurley, Joni K Faculty n/a
King, Harris Faculty
Kishimoto, Toshiko Faculty n/a
Logue, Nora Faculty
Love, Jeff Faculty
Mai, Joseph H. Faculty
Martín Armas, J. Dolores Faculty
Miller, Ana Paula Faculty
Miller, Tiffany D. Creegan Faculty
Misener Dunn, Kim Faculty
Montes, Heidi J Faculty
Moore de Peralta, Arelis Faculty 864-656-0719
Oropesa, Salvador A. Faculty 864-656-3544
Palacios, George Faculty
Peebles, Kelly Digby Faculty
Persico, Melva Faculty
Rao, Ling Faculty
Risso, Roberto Faculty
Robison, Cathy A Faculty 864-656-3421
Rojas de Massei, Mónica M. Faculty
Salces y Nedeo, Anne Carole Faculty
Sawyer, Amy Lyn Griffin Faculty
Schmidt, Johannes Faculty
Schmidt, Julia Faculty
Shakona, Maloud Faculty
Shoji, Kazuko Faculty
Shoji, Shinichi Faculty
Simpson, Roger K Faculty 864-656-3421
Sinka, Margit Faculty n/a
Smith, Daniel J. Faculty
Stoicea, Gabriela Faculty
Szmurlo, Karyna Faculty n/a
Takeuchi, Jae Faculty
Team, Morgan Staff 864-656-3393
Tholozany, Pauline de Faculty
Tissera, Graciela E Faculty
Touya, Eric R Faculty 864-656-3547
Volkova, Olga Faculty
Whitehouse, Allison Faculty
Widgren, Kenneth Faculty
Williams, Leslie Faculty n/a
Williamson, Debra Faculty
Zaczek, Barbara M. Faculty n/a
Zamora, Maureen Faculty
Zhang, Yanhua Faculty
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Department of Performing Arts

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Allen, Robert Staff
Edison, Sarah Staff 864-656-1478
Harder, Lillian Utsey Faculty 864-656-3043
Hartmann, David J. Faculty 864-656-3043
Hudgins, Thomas Staff 864-656-1478
Jeffries, Maryjo Staff 864-656-7787
Johnson, Beth Anne Staff 864-656-3043
Kaplar, Susan Staff 864-656-7951
LastName, FirstName Faculty n/a
LastName, FirstName Faculty n/a
LastName, FirstName Faculty n/a
LastName, FirstName Faculty n/a
Leckenbusch, Matt Staff 864-656-3043
Maiden, Lee Staff 656-3380
Martin, Nancy Staff 864-656-7787
Simpson, April Staff 864-656-2029
Young, Trevis Staff
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Department of Philosophy and Religion

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Cohen, Peter A. Faculty 864-656-6697 x12
Garnar, Andrew W. Faculty 864-656-6697 x13
Gies, Adam Faculty 864-656-2001
Grau, Christopher M. Faculty 864-656-2001
Grosby, Steven E. Faculty 864-656-7907 x13
Hall, Leora Morris Staff 864/656-2001
Hamberg, Barbara D Staff 864/656-2584
Hannen, Michael Faculty 864-656-6697 x14
Ingle, Jennifer F. Faculty 864-656-6697 x15
Jemison, Elizabeth Faculty 864-656-2001
Kaye, Cary Berkeley Faculty
Kuzian, Edyta Faculty 646-717-1560
Maker, William A. Faculty 864-656-7907 x18
May, Todd G. Faculty 864-656-7907 x14
Park, John Jung Faculty 919 699 6072
Patterson, Brett Faculty 864-656-2001
Perpich, Diane Faculty 864-656-7907 x15
Saif, Mashal Faculty 864-656-2584
Satris, Stephen A. Faculty 864-656-7907 x16
Silvers, Stuart Faculty
Smith, Kelly C. Faculty 864-650-1093
Starkey, Charles Faculty 864-656-5365
Stegall, David L. Faculty 864-656-6697 x17
Stephens, Robert J. Faculty 864-656-6697 x18
White, Benjamin L. Faculty 864-656-7907 x19
Wolfe, John Randall Faculty 864-656-2001
Wueste, Daniel E. Faculty 864-656-6147
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Department of Planning, Development and Preservation

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Bausman, Dennis C. Faculty 864-656-3919
Benedict, Robert Faculty 864-656-2476
Bennett, Craig Faculty n/a
Blanding, McFaddin Faculty 803-585-7697
Cretté, Stéphanie Faculty
Cunningham, Grant Faculty 864-656-1587
Dyckman, Caitlin Faculty 864-656-2496
Ellis, Cliff Faculty 864-656-2477
Farris, Terry Faculty 864-506-4837 (cell)
Ford, Frances H. Faculty
Fortenberry, Brent Faculty
Gilmore, R. Grant Faculty 843.953.6352
Green, Tim Faculty 864-656-0428
Hudgins, Carter L. Faculty
Hughes, Phillip Rivers Faculty 864-242-2100
Judson, Jahn Faculty
Kaufman, Reva Staff (864) 656-4945
King, Kristopher B. Faculty
LastName, FirstName Faculty n/a
Lauria, Mickey Faculty 864-656-0520
Lawrence, Maurie Faculty 864-242-8319
Leifeste, Amalia Faculty
Marks III, Richard Dunn Faculty
Matthews, Amy M Staff 864-656-4257
McKissick, James Faculty 864-656-4257 (MRED dept.)
Morris, Eric Faculty 864-656-0427
Muldrow, Ralph Faculty
Näsänen, Liisa Faculty
Pemberton, Katherine Saunders Faculty
Randolph, Jeffrey B Faculty 864-239-6683
Rivera-Diaz, Johanna Faculty Warren Lasch Conversation Lab
Rosenberg, David Faculty 864-656-4257
Ryan, Elizabeth Garrett Faculty
Scafuri, Michael Faculty
Schley, Mary Margaret Staff 843-937-9596
Schurch, Tom Faculty 864-656-1055
Spencer, James H. Faculty 864-656-0377
Sperry, Stephen Faculty 864-656-3635
Stiefel, Barry Louis Faculty
Stipes, Craig Faculty 864-656-4257 (MRED dept.)
Stone, Chuck Faculty
Ternisien, Virginie Faculty
Wallin, Bogue Faculty 864-918-3402
Warren, III, James I. Faculty 864-242-8320
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Purser, III, Lat Faculty
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