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Programs & Opportunities

International experiences are not limited to studying abroad. Engagement through globally oriented courses, involvement in student organizations with an international focus, and internships with international companies located in the US complement study, internships or service-learning abroad. Each provides tangible experiences and valuable educational opportunities.

  • Faculty-Directed Programs
    Faculty-directed programs are designed by Clemson faculty members and/or academic departments for Clemson students. Faculty-directed programs are broken down into three different types:
    1. For summer or short-term programs, Clemson faculty travel abroad with the students and teach one or all courses.
    2. Semester programs draw on the knowledge and expertise of local faculty who have been vetted by Clemson.
    3. A custom program, a special type of faculty-directed program, is administered by a provider organization according to specifications of a CAAH department.
              Group: Clemson faculty and students
              Duration: semester, summer sessions, Maymester, spring/fall break
              Costs: Clemson in-state tuition and fees, Study Abroad fee, program fees (vary for each program).
              Coursework: 1-2 courses generally offered for summer or short-term programs; semester programs offer a minimum of 12 credit hours
              Credits: Clemson courses, no transfer necessary (a few exceptions)
  • Exchange Programs
    Clemson has partnerships with universities around the world, where you can take classes with students from the host country, international degree-seeking and other exchange students.
              Group: Individual acceptance, no groups
              Duration: semester, full-year
              Costs: Clemson in-state tuition and fees, exchange fee, Study Abroad fee, residential costs and fees of host university.
              Coursework: host university’s regular course offerings (some restrictions may apply)
              Credits: Host university credits, transfer to Clemson
  • International Program Providers
    International program providers, also referred to as third-party program providers, offer programs run by other universities and various study abroad organizations to further expand student opportunities abroad. Students will receive credit for courses taken abroad and will pay tuition and fees directly to the third-party organization.
              Group: Individual acceptance, no groups
              Duration: Full-year, semester, summer sessions
              Costs: Clemson Study Abroad fee, tuition and program fees paid to program.
              Coursework: host university’s regular course offerings (some restrictions may apply) Credits: Host university/provider credits, transfer to Clemson