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L&IH Creative Inquiry Projects

lnih CI DR 2015

International Health and Hispanic Culture

This research project will focus on the interrelations between health and culture in the Hispanic countries and their impact on individuals and communities. The research will explore medical diseases and conditions, people’s traditions, beliefs, and perceptions related to health issues, home remedies, behavior change, family and community, doctor-patient relationship, and social aspects of public health (ethnicity, gender, poverty). Students will have the opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic with the researchers and participate in service learning activities to help Hispanic communities and collect data for the research project.

Students’ Research Projects

Caleb Addis: Self-medication, low-income population accessibility to medicines, and the Governmental Pharmacy System in the Dominican Republic.

Aliyah Anjarwalla: Domestic Violence as a public health concern in the Dominican Republic.

Deepti  Athavale: Chronic diseases, prevention and control in the Dominican Republic.

Thomas Cotton: Hepatitis A as a public health concern within the Dominican Republic.

Breci Davis: Challenges/Barriers of people with disabilities to access physical therapy services in the Dominican Republic.  

Michelle Fuentes: Cultural and Socio-economic determinants of childhood obesity in the Dominican Republic.

Hannah Haire: Medical Equipment maintenance at public health care settings in the Dominican Republic.

Ashley Jamison: Challenges and opportunities for the implementation of the HIV Vertical Transmission Prevention Program in the Dominican Republic.

Katherine Orellana: A behavioral theory analysis of drug abuse in the Dominican Republic.

CI DR 1   CI DR 2
Students presented their research at the Focus on Creative Inquiry Poster Forum (Clemson University, April 3, 2014)

lnih CI Gender 2015

Literary and Cinematic Perspectives on Gender Studies in Latin America and Spain

This project will focus on gender studies including women, men, and sexual diversity studies. Students will explore gender and sexuality in the fields of literature and cinema related to cultural, social, and economic issues in Latin America, Spain, and other areas of the world. The analysis will include a diverse selection of topics: gender and science, gender and sexuality, gender and minority ethnicities, feminism and diversity, transgender identities, transgender healthcare, lesbian and gay figures and trend, and intersex and culture.

Students’ Research Papers

The 10th Biennial Associated Colleges of the South (ACS) Women’s and Gender Studies Conference, April 4-5, 2014. Furman University, Greenville, South Carolina. The theme of the conference, Intersections and Assemblages: Genders and Sexualities across Cultures, recognizes and addresses the multiplicity and diversity of scholarly approaches and activism to the long-standing aspiration for the abolition of all forms of inequality based on gender and/or sexuality.  It especially welcomes transnational, cross-cultural, or comparative perspectives on gender and sexuality.

Panel: Culture, Gender, and Transgender in Latin American Cinema: Redefining the Boundaries

Chair: Graciela Tissera

Mahvash Husain: “Relations between Transgender and Female Persecution in Arturo Ripstein’s The Place without Limits (1977)”

Emily Winburn: “Transgender and Trans-reality: The Imagery of Repression in Héctor Babenco’s Kiss of the Spider Woman (1985)”

Katie Lovett: “Gender and Power in The House of the Spirits by Bille August (1993)”

Panel: Exploring Transgender Identities in Pedro Almodóvar’s Films

Chair: Dolores Martín Armas

Hannah Haire: “Bad Education (2004): The Conflicting Persona and Self-expression in Art”

Courtney Dunnigan: “Creation and Transgenesis in The Skin I live in (2011)”

CI Gender A   CI Gender B
Students presented their research at the Focus on Creative Inquiry Poster Forum (Clemson University, April 3, 2014)

lnih c
Emily, Hannah, Mahvash, Katie, and Courtney at the Gender Studies Conference (Furman University)


Health and Business Topics in Film

This project will analyze different perspectives on health, business, and related topics to explore their impact on Hispanic countries and/or other areas of the world. Students will research historical and cultural aspects of several nations through videos, mass media, and pertinent materials (such as actual footage, film adaptations of novels, documentaries, movies based on real events and business and medical literature) by world renowned authors and film directors.

Students’ Research Papers

Southeast Coastal Conference on Languages and Literatures (Savannah, Georgia, April 4-5, 2013). SECCLL is a scholarly conference organized by The Department of Foreign Languages and the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences at Georgia Southern University. The conference attracts scholars from the region and beyond. SECCLL is oriented toward the participation of scholars from both public and private institutions of higher education. It is a collegial and respectful environment marked by a rigorous and productive exchange among academics. Some of the topics include scholarship in French, German, Spanish, Linguistics, Classics, Comparative Literature, East Asian, and Special Topics, among others, in language, literature, culture, pedagogy and film. 

Session: “Individual versus System: Cinematic Perspectives on Control and Rebellion”
Ashleigh Frialde: “Filmic portrayal of Social Factors in Children´s Critical Experiences”
Lisa Dueñas: “Buñuel and Piñeyro: Representations of Dehumanized Spaces and Conflicting Emotions”
Nancy Parra: “Two Face Mirror: The Unbalanced Scale of Power and Culture through Film”

nancy lisa ashleigh
Nancy, Lisa, and Ashleigh at the Conference on Languages and literatures (Georgia Southern University)

lnih CI Spenser Alexa   lnih CI Augrey Michael Maggie
Spenser Staub, Alexa Parker, Aubrey Lawson, Michael Harris, Margaret Boyd (pictured), Victor Montilla, Ben Vukov, Patrick Wagner, Calie Berry, Kaela Gardner, Diamond Joseph, Jessie Phillips, and Kayla Wardlaw presented their research on Health and Business Topics in Film at the Focus on Creative Inquiry Poster Forum (Clemson University, April 9, 2013)

CI hispanic world

The Hispanic World through Film, Literature, and Media

This project will analyze social, political, economic issues or related topics in the Hispanic world through videos and pertinent materials by world renowned authors and film directors. Students will also have the opportunity to complete service learning projects to help Hispanic communities. Through their service to Hispanic communities, students will explore the impact of culture, immigration, education, language, health, and jobs on family members and their future expectations in multicultural environments. 

Students’ Research Papers

XIII Jornadas “Borges y los otros” International Conference (Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 21-23, 2013). The conference, organized by Fundación Jorge Luis Borges, includes specialists in Argentinean Literature, communication and media researchers, historians, critics and professors in general. These Sessions propose to study the work of Jorge Luis Borges in the context of Argentinean Literature, considering “others” as his precursors, contemporaries and/or successors, whether they be identified with his aesthetics, or associated by imitation of or contrast to his aesthetics. The universe of Borgesian others will thus constitute the reader-writer canon formed in the Literature of Argentina around his writing.

Session: Literatura borgeana y otras artes
Elyse Dengler: “Cinematic Labyrinths and Symmetries in ‘Death and the Compass’ by Jorge Luis Borges”
Meg O’Sell: “Borges and ‘The South’: Text and Filmic Perspectives on the Essence of Time and Space”


Elyse Dengler:
“Researching the work of Jorge Luis Borges opened up my mind to a new way of analyzing literature and thinking about life. I wrote a paper comparing his short story “Death and the Compass” and the film version of this story. I was fortunate enough to be able to present my work at a conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina where Borges spent a majority of his life. Seeing his apartment, eating at Café Tortoni where he used to be a frequent visitor, and experiencing firsthand the charms of Buenos Aires helped me to develop a more profound understanding and appreciation of his work. This was an extremely beneficial and unique experience that has enriched my education, cultural values, and global awareness.”

Meg O’Sell:
“Attending the XIII Jornadas “Borges y los otros” International Conference was a fascinating experience. Sharing my research with others who are very interested and knowledgeable about Argentinean literature was a great opportunity. We were able to listen to other presentations by specialists in this field of literature and learn new ideas and concepts related to my own studies. In addition to my academic enrichment, I met natives and learned a lot about the Argentinean culture. Studying “El Sur” by Jorge Luis Borges and doing research about their culture helped me understand their way of life, but spending time in Buenos Aires myself deepened my understanding beyond what I was able to learn through literature and films.”

meg elyse
Meg and Elyse at the XIII Jornadas "Borges y los otros" (Fundación Internacional Jorge Luis Borges, Argentina)

lnih CI Daniel   lnih CI Grace Nicole Maghan
Daniel Grant, Grace Winchell, Nicole Cooper, Maghan Knight (pictured), Jay Patel, and Hannah Miller presented their research on The Hispanic World and Service Learning at the Focus on Creative Inquiry Poster Forum (Clemson University, April 9, 2013)

The trips to the Dominican Republic and the professional presentations at national and international conferences are made possible through competitive travel grants awarded by the Creative Inquiry Program.