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VII L&IH Symposium: International Health Programs

The semi-annual Language and International Health Symposium provides a forum to discuss and increase awareness of international health issues, emphasizing interrelations with language, culture, interdisciplinary studies, and artistic creation. Medical professionals, faculty, students and alumni can present their research on health-related topics, especially those that impact minorities, immigrant communities and developing countries in a global economy.

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Arelis Moore de Peralta (MEd, MPH, MD, Dominican Republic; PhD, Clemson) is a Research Assistant Professor with Institute on Family and Neighborhood Life. Dr. Moore is currently INFL's first year graduate student advisor. She also has been actively engaged in interdisciplinary service at Clemson through teaching appointments in the following departments: Languages, Public Health Sciences, and IFNL. Prior, she was the director of the Center for Community Services (CCS), an activity of CU/IFNL located in Simpsonville, SC, and the center’s Café Cultura, a Hispanic family outreach and support program. Dr. Moore received the Vera Paster Award in October 2009, which was given by the American Orthopsychiatric Association in recognition of her work with Latino immigrants, and she received the Kimbrough-Melton Parents Award in April 2010. Café Cultura was honored with a Yellow Rose Award by the Hispanic American Women’s Association in 2010. Dr. Moore formerly was a faculty member in the School of Medicine at the Ibero-American University (UNIBE) in Santo Domingo. She is a public health specialist and epidemiologist who coordinated disease preventive and control programs in the Dominican Republic. She also participated in the Caribbean health surveillance programs of the Centers for Disease Control.

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