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Japanese Program at Clemson

The Japanese Program at Clemson University offers a B.A. in Modern Language, a B.A. in Language and International Trade, and a Minor in Asian Studies and Japanese Language. Each semester approximately 140 students enroll in and study Japanese Language and Culture. About 30% of the students continue on to the upper levels (300 and 400 levels) to seek higher proficiency. Today’s young Americans are fascinated by Japan as the 3rd largest economic super power and a leader in technology. Furthermore they fall in love with traditional and modern Japanese culture. Many graduates of our Japanese Program now work for both Japanese and American industries in Japan, Hong Kong, European countries and the United States. They also work for state and local economic development offices and at professional offices as lawyers, accountants and consultants. Some of them continue on to graduate school to further pursue advanced degrees in Asian Studies. Many of them go to Japan as English teachers prior to actively pursuing their careers.

What we offer:

1. Language Courses:
Japanese Language Courses from the 100 to 400 level, Introduction to Japanese Literature, and Japanese Language and International Trade. As content courses taught in English, we offer Japanese history, Japanese literature, Japanese civilization and culture, and Japanese film and theater.

2. Clemson Language Immersion Program:
CLIP is a blend of classroom instruction and social-cultural activities outside the classroom. It is a unique summer program emphasizing intermediate and advanced Japanese language and cultural awareness.

3. Clemson University Study Abroad in Kyoto, Japan:
This is an eight week program where students get to experience the rich traditions and history of Japan in Kyoto, Japan's ancient capital. Students live with Japanese host families, study in classroom settings and take numerous field trips.

4. Study Abroad Programs at Japanese Universities:
Clemson University has relationships with the following universities; Tokyo University (Engineering, Graduate level), Waseda University (Architecture, Graduate level), Fukui University, Nagoya University for Foreign Studies and Sophia University. In addition to these exchange programs, Clemson graduates can receive a Monkasho scholarship, which is supported by the Japanese government, to pursue graduate studies in Japan.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Our students can hold productive conversations with native speakers.
  • They can read and comprehend several paragraphs of factual information, including business correspondence and documents, and lengthy authentic text and newspaper articles.
  • They are able to analyze, discuss, and write about Japanese culture, society, current issues, as well as business matters in Japanese.
  • They appreciate the many aspects of Japanese culture as a means of sharpening their communication abilities.
  • They acquire essential politeness behaviors in business settings and learn the Japanese way of thinking and acting for successful business negotiations.