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Jean Paul Richter

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Jean Paul Richter on Herder's and Schiller's original intentions to become surgeons.

B.A. in Modern Language (German)
B.A. in Language And International Trade (German)
Minor in German


B.A. in Modern Language (German) effective Fall 2010

Advisors: Samuel Frederick, Jeff Love, Johannes Schmidt

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Modern Languages provides a broadly humanistic course of study in seven areas of concentration: ASL (American Sign Language), Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. This course of study seeks to provide students with basic competence in both the relevant language and the literary and cultural heritage pertaining to that language. Moreover, students will be required to take at least one course in cultural inquiry which are designed to sharpen their sense of cultural difference, to enhance their critical thinking skills, and to prepare them for citizenship in a global community of diverse cultural precepts and practices. In this respect, the Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages is intended to prepare students for a wide range of careers in the international arena as well as for the kinds of graduate programs that are an appropriate starting point for such careers.
All Modern Languages students are required to study abroad with a Clemson-approved program for at least one semester in the case of Japanese and Spanish or for at least two semesters in the case of French and German.
As a condition of graduation, students in the Modern Languages program will be required to pass a noncredit examination and to submit an ePortfolio (see LANG 499) in the relevant language to assess their competence in that language. Both assessments take place in the student’s last full semester of study.

Advising note:

Several requirements can be fulfilled in various ways, however, you need to discuss your options with one of the German advisors. Here are various suggestions:

Fine Arts Requirement (3 credits): any Art (ART) course; any Art and Architecture History (A A H) course; THEA 195, 210, 295, 315, 316, 317, 318, 347, 379, 396, 398, 430, 495, 499; MUSIC 105, 195, 210, 295, 311, 312, 314, 395, 398, 415, 416, 495, 499; or any other Music courses (with the approval of the German section head).

History Requirement (3 credits): select from HIST 374, 375, 377, 378, 380, or 381; or any Europe-related History course on the 300/ 400 level (e.g. HIST 420 with appropriate topic).

Study Abroad Transfer: depending on your host university; select a course that is not offered at Clemson.

Advanced Arts and Humanities Requirement (6 credits): PHIL 304, 315, 316, 317, 318, 320, or 323.

Methodology and Theory Requirement (9 credits): select 3 credits from PHIL 401, 402, or 433; and 3 credits from ENGL 435, 436, or 440; and 3 credits from Cultural Inquiry courses (LANG 340, 342, 346, 348, 356, 450, 460, or 462); students may also substitute any of the above courses with Ger 497 (Creative Inquiry).

Major Requirements 15 credits): 2 literature courses (Ger 360, 361, 369, 450, 455, 460, 461, 475, or 476), ideally one on the 300-level and one of the 400-level; and 9 credits from any 300 or 400-level German courses. Note: only one of these courses can be an English-taught German courses.


Freshmen Year
First Semester
4 - GER 101 Elementary German (1)
3 - ENGL 103 Accelerated Composition
3 - Mathematics Requirement (2)
3 - Oral Communication Requirement (2)
3 - Social Science Requirement( 2)

Second Semester
4 - GER 102 Elementary German (1)
3 - Mathematics or Natural Science Requirement (2)
4 - Natural Science Requirement (2)
3 - Social Science Requirement (2)
2 - Electives

Sophomore Year
First Semester
3 - GER 201 Intermediate German
3 - Arts and Humanities (Non-Lit.) Requirement (2)
3 - Fine Arts Requirement (3)
3 - Minor Requirement
4 - Electives

Second Semester
3 - GER 202 Intermediate German
3 - Arts and Humanities (Literature) Requirement (2)
3 - History Requirement (3)
3 - Minor Requirement
3 - Electives

Junior Year
First Semester
3 - LANG 303 Study Abroad Transfer (3)
3 - GER 305 Intermediate German Conversation and Composition, or
Ger 306 The German Short Story
3 - Major Requirement (4)
3 - Minor Requirement
3 - Electives

Second Semester
3 - Advanced Arts and Humanities Requirement (3)
3 - Methodology and Theory Requirement (3)
3 - Major Requirement (4)
3 - Minor Requirement
3 - Electives

Senior Year
First Semester
3 - Methodology and Theory Requirement (3)
3 - Major Requirement (4)
3 - Minor Requirement
2 - LANG 499 Language Portfolio
4 - Elective

Second Semester
3 - Advanced Arts and Humanities Requirement (3)
3 - Methodology and Theory Requirement (3)
6 - Major Requirement (4)

120 Total Semester Hours

(1) Students who have had previous instruction in the target language may take an accelerated one-semester course that covers the material presented in the standard first-year sequence. They must then take four additional elective credit hours.
(2) See General Education Requirements. Three of these credit hours must also satisfy the Science and Technology in Society Requirement.
(3) See advisor.
(4) A minimum of 15 credit hours of GER 300/400-level courses is required of which at least two courses must be in literature. No more than one course taught in English may be taken.


L&IT (German)

Advisors: Lee Ferrell, Johannes Schmidt

Students in the Bachelor of Arts program in Language and International Trade acquire communicative competence in the target language; a familiarity with specific peoples, cultures, literatures, and business environments; and the knowledge and skills to pursue graduate studies or careers in business within their language of specialization.
The Language and International Trade program combines foreign languages and international trade. Students choose one language concentration (Chinese, French, German, Japanese, or Spanish) and one professional concentration (Applied International Economics, International Trade, or Tourism).
The language component emphasizes speaking and writing skills, culture, civilization, and business/technical languages. The professional component introduces students to the core content of their preferred concentration as well as to the international dimensions of that concentration.
Study abroad of at least one semester in the target language setting is mandatory. In addition, internship experiences with international companies in the United States or summer internships with companies abroad give students the opportunity to apply classroom learning to the business/industrial work environment. Internships are subject to approval by the Language and International Trade Director. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the Clemson Language Immersion Program (CLIP) prior to enrolling in study abroad programs.
In addition to the curriculum requirements below, students are required, as a condition of graduation, to pass a noncredit examination and submit a noncredit senior dossier to assess their language competence in various areas. Both assessments take place in the student’s last full semester at the University.

L&IT German and Applied International Economics

L&IT German and International Trade

L&IT German and Tourism

Minor in German

Advisors: Samuel Frederick, Jeff Love, Johannes Schmidt

A minor in Modern Languages (German) requires 15 credits from courses at the 300 and 400 levels, including at least one literature course at the 400 level. [No more than one course taught in English may be used, only one creative inquiry course may be used (Ger 497).]