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"We breathed the air of freedom without knowing the language or any person.."
Nelly Sachs

For all German Majors (Modern Language and Languages and International Trade):


Students in the Bachelor of Arts program in Modern Language are required, as a condition of graduation, to submit a noncredit digital electronic portfolio (ePortfolio/ German Senior Dossier) to document and assess their professional and personal development while at Clemson University.
The Language Department ePortfolio differs from the University ePortfolio requirement for General Education Competencies.

The objective of the ePortfolio is to collect, evaluate and present selected material in a professional and critical manner. The ePortfolio should reflect academic and personal development while being a German student at Clemson University.

We recommend utilizing MyCLE/Blackboard’s content collection or Clemson’s Google Docs to gather material in one place. (Go to <http://bb.clemson.edu/> and select the “Content Collection” tab, or go to <http://docs.g.clemson.edu/> and upload files in any format.) The ePortfolio can then be created using Google Apps for Education.
The ePortfolio could be the starting point of the job application process, and in turn may be presented to prospective employers. Many companies already require the inclusion of a digital or electronic portfolio.
The quality of the ePortfolio depends on the student’s continuous engagement in collecting and evaluating appropriate material for the ePortfolio. Students need to collect material beginning during their first semester at Clemson University.
Evaluation, selection and assessment of the department ePortfolio will eventually take place during the student’s final year through LANG 499 Language Portfolio (2 credit hours).

Content (suggestion)

    1. portfolio Welcome Page
    2. the Student’s current resume and an application cover letter (both in the target language), as well as an English resume, including job or graduate school objectives
    3. documentation of course work in the student’s major
    4. additional course work, such as research papers, essays, reports, presentations, etc.
    5. Creative Inquiry documentation (if applicable)
    6. study Abroad and internship experiences
    7. future plans to be written in the target language
    8. documentation of extra-curricular activities (e.g., language clubs, etc.)
    9. awards, scholarships, travel grants, etc.
    10. reflective Essay (in LANG 499)
    11. service Learning documentation
    12. other relevant documentation



From the first semester at Clemson University on, all students majoring in German L&IT and Modern Languages, need to collect material (called artifacts) for the ePortfolio.

The selection will take place during the last year, thus all potential artifacts should be gathered and saved in a secure place (a university server, Blackboard’s Content Collection or Google Docs).

The “ePortfolio Content” above can serve as a guiding principle, but artifacts may not be limited to these categories.

The artifacts may also be used for the University’s ePortfolio documenting General Education Competencies.

All students under the curriculum year 2010-2011 or later are required to complete LANG 499.