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"Es ist nicht das Wissen allein, was uns glücklich macht - es ist die Qualität des Wissens - die subjektive Beschaffenheit
des Wissens."
Novalis (Georg Philipp
Friedrich von Hardenberg)

The German Section at Clemson University is committed to excellence in teaching, research, and service. In order to maintain a high quality German program and also to expand and enhance the learning experience of students, we depend on financial support from the department, the college, the university and the greater (international) community.

If you would like to support the German Section at Clemson University, we would would like to hear from you. There are various ways to support German students and the faculty at any financial level:

Student travel (for study and internship abroad in Germany, Austria and Switzerland) more ...

Program activities (for all extra-curricular activities like conferences, guest speakers, social and networking events) more ...

Teaching and technology (to enhance the learning experience in and outside of the classroom) more ...

Faculty (supplies, research, travel, conference support) more ...

Instructorship for technical German (to expand our German Language & International Trade Program and to increase the number and diversity of our course offerings) more ...

Alumni Giving (to maintain contact between former and current students of the German Program) more ...

Annual funding levels:

Bronze $250: Sponsors will be recognized on our web site and can have their logo and link placed as well.

Silver $500: In addition to the sponsors' recognition on our web site (with logo and link if so desired), we will place your name (and logo) on all of our German Section brochures (e.g. German program, study abroad), as well as on all special event flyers (film nights, panel discussions).

Gold $1000 and above: We will invite representatives of your company to visit the German Section at Clemson University, meet our best students, and participate in selected events (e.g. presentations, conference, etc.) according to your wishes.

All gifts with a specific designation will of course bear the name of your choice, such as the "David Hamilton Memorial Travel Grant." We would be interested in discussing your ideas and wishes in this respect. .

Lectureship for Technical German: We are looking for an annual gift or endowment for a lectureship, which would bear a title of your choice. We will provide you with an individualized annual report about the lecturer's activities as well as news from the German section.

Read also a personal message by Johannes Schmidt, head of the German Section.

Please contact Johannes Schmidt (schmidj(at)clemson.edu) or Lee Ferrell (ferrell(at)clemson.edu). We are eager to hear from you.

Learning German in Germany
Becky Cibulski learning German at the Goethe Institute in Freiburg (2011)


Student travel
Your annual gift will support one or more students traveling to Germany Austria and Switzerland. Our students spend up to one year studying, interning, or both, in a German-speaking country prior to graduation. Examples include:

Program activities
The German Section strives to provide extra-cirricular activities for students, the community, and faculty all year round. These activities include guest speakers from Germany, panel discussions, film nights with discussions, reading groups, and networking events. The cost of holding these events has increased dramatically over the last few years and your gift would help the German section to continue to offer cultural events for Clemson University and the community.

Teaching and technology
As teachers, we are committed to provide the best classroom instruction for our students: we engage in research, keep up with current events in the business world and the political arena, and offer insights into the cutlture and societies of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Today, technology and new media are an essential part of a teacher's work. Your gift helps with the acquisition and maintenance of books, films, and other teaching materials, as well as computer and mobile teaching technology.

The German Section consists of research faculty and instructors. All of us are required to travel regularly, whether to attend and present at national or international conferences, or to visit high schools and students in South Carolina. Continuous budget cuts during the last ten years have made it more and more difficult to sustain financial support for our activities outside of the classroom.

Instructorship for technical German
We are not only attempting to maintain the current quality of our program, we are also striving to expand our German Language & International Trade program. Specifically, we are looking to add an instructorship position to offer technical German to all interested students at Clemson University. This instructor would offer language and technical business courses at all levels, as well as support the current program in all aspects (community and high school outreach, business partnerships, and extra-curricular activities for our students).

Alumni giving
We especially would appreciate the support of our alumni in helping to create and maintain a continuous relationship between former and current students of the German Program. It is essential for the future of our program to understand how our students use their skills, to hear how we keep our program meaningful, and to find internships for current students.


A personal message
My name is Johannes Schmidt. I am the head of the German Section, the Treasurer of the International Johann Gottfried Herder Society, a former Chapter President of the American Association of Teachers of German. I am a native of Hamburg, Germany, and teach German language, culture and literature courses at Clemson University.

During the last decade, education in South Carolina has experienced two rounds of significant budget cuts. While we have been able (with the help of Clemson University and some generous supporters of our program) to maintain the high quality of teaching, research, and service of our German faculty, it is becoming increasingly difficult to continue the quality and variety of our in-class and extra-curricular offerings. In the academic year 2004-2005 we had about 220 students per semester enrolled in all of our German classes. We were able to offer 10 language classes and 4 upper-level culture, business and literature classes in each of these two semester. At that time the German Section counted 6 full-time and part-time faculty. Today, we see an average enrollment of fewer than 150 students in our classes and count only 3 full-time and one part-time German faculty. The demand for beginning and intermediate German courses can often not be met and students sometimes have to wait for a semester to be able to take the German course that is right for them. So far, we have been able to accommodate the wishes and needs of all of our majors and minors, and of most of our other students.
German education is of utmost importance for the state of South Carolina and beyond. The German Section and its students are in dire need of some additional financial support. We have excellent students here at Clemson. We have outstanding students in our program seeking a meaningful education. The faculty at Clemson strives to provide the best support for these students. It is astounding what they can do if you support them, especially when you send them to Germany or a German-speaking country.