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Students in the Bachelor of Arts program in Language and International Trade acquire communicative competence in the target language; a familiarity with specific peoples, cultures, literatures, and business environments; and the knowledge and skills to pursue graduate studies or careers in business within their language of specialization.

The Language and International Trade program combines foreign languages and international trade. Students choose one language concentration (Chinese, French, German, Japanese, or Spanish) and one professional concentration (Applied International Economics, International Trade, Textiles, or Tourism).

The language component emphasizes speaking and writing skills, culture, civilization, and business/technical languages. The professional component emphasizes international marketing in areas important to the economy of the State of South Carolina and the nation.

Study abroad of at least one semester in the target language setting is mandatory. In addition, internship experiences with international companies in the United States or summer internships with companies abroad give students the opportunity to apply classroom learning to the business/industrial work environment. Internships are subject to approval by the Language and International Trade Director. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the Clemson Language Immersion Program (CLIP) prior to enrolling in study abroad programs.

In addition to the curriculum requirements, students are required, as a condition of graduation, to pass a noncredit examination and submit a noncredit senior dossier (ePortfolio) to assess their language competence in various areas. Both assessments take place in the student's last year at the University. For more information see the current "Undergraduate Announcements" (Online).

Contact: Lee Ferrell (656-1348, ferrell(at)clemson.edu, or Johannes Schmidt (656-4299, schmidj(at)clemson.edu)