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"Wir waren nicht das, was sie wollten, aber sie wollten auch nicht verlieren, was sie mit uns hatten."
Helene Weigel on Brecht's
and her work and situation in the GDR

CU in Germany 2013 -- Language & Culture Up Close

New Summer Program Aachen, Germany (Cologne area).

Language instruction, and cultural immersion for all German and L&IT majors, all German minors, and all students with an interest in German language and culture. 6 credit hours. June 20 to July 20, 2012. Prerequisites: Ger 201 (students will get 3 credit hours for Ger 202 and 3 credit hours at the upper level) or Ger 202 (students will get credit for 6 credit hours at the 300-level). Highly recommend for all non-native speakers at the upper level. Limited financial need based support available upon request. Contact: Lee Ferrell (ferrell).

Download pdf flyer

Partner Universities

University of Bamberg
One semester to one year at one of Germany's oldest universities;modern language (German), L&IT and business majors, strong humanities orientation; limited scholarships available
Contact: Mark McKnew (MAMCKN 864-656-2685), Johannes Schmidt, Lee Ferrell
Web: http://www.uni-bamberg.de/

Westfälische Hochschule (former FH Gelsenkirchen)
Combination of study abroad and internships are possible; 3 months to full year; L&IT, engineering and business majors
Contact: Lee Ferrell, Johannes Schmidt

Web: http://www.w-hs.de

University of Siegen
Study abroad up to one year, internships possible
Contact: Lee Ferrell, Larry Fredendall (FLAWREN 864-656-2016)
Web: http://www.uni-siegen.de/

FH Jena
Study at the Technical University of Jena for L&IT, business and engineering students; one semester to one year
Contact: Johannes Schmidt
Web: http://www.fh-jena.de/

University of Mainz
Partner state's main university, one year for modern language and humanities majors; film studies
Contact: Johannes Schmidt
Web: http://www.uni-mainz.de/ English: http://www.uni-mainz.de/eng/

There are more opportunities to go to Germany, Austria or Switzerland for study and internship abroad, please check with your own departments and advisor.
FH Esslingen for mechanical engineers, University of Stuttgart (new), and several programs through IES (BErlin and Freiburg) and USAC (Lühneburg).

Clemson University Study Abroad Programs

CES International Programs
College of Engineering and Science's International programs; engineering and science majors
Contact: Jessica Pelfrey (PELFREY 656-3202), Johannes Schmidt
Web: http://www.clemson.edu/ces/students/global/

DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)
Highly competitive, but well-funded scholarship programs for rising juniors as well as graduating seniors; study at any German university; all majors; GPA >3.5; deadlines early fall (needs plenty of planning, application process should start in the summer)
Contact: Jeff Love, Sam Frederick, Johannes Schmidt
Web: http://daad.org/

DAAD Junior Year in Munich
Through the Wayne State U: one year at the University of Munich, competitive scholarships available; engineering majors
Web: http://www.jym.wayne.edu/

Fulbright Study/ Research Grant
One year research and study at a German university (after graduation); prepare application in early spring and during summer before senior year
Contact: Jeff Love, Johannes Schmidt
Web: http://fulbright.state.gov/

Clemson Language Immersion Program (CLIP)

Ger 310 (Summer I)
5 weeks/ 5 hours a day of German language and culture; first summer session, 6 credits; scholarships available; prerequisite: Ger 201 or 202: Ger 310 counts for Ger 202 and one 300-level course, or for two 300-level courses; morning classes with excursions and other activities in the afternoon.
2012 in Aachen Germany!

Contact: Lee Ferrell
Web: http://www.clemson.edu/caah/languages/special_programs.html

Language Programs

Note: we may not be able to transfer credits from language schools in Germany and Austria, however, you might be able to place into a higher course after successful completion of an applicable program (please contact Johannes Schmidt for details).

ActiLingua Academy (Vienna, Austria)
Standard language courses, business courses and culture; 6 to 12 students (4-8 for intensive classes); accommodation and host families
Web: http://www.actilingua.com

Institut für International Kommunikation (IIK): Duesseldorf
Standard, intensive and summer courses
Web: http://www.iik-duesseldorf.de/

Treffpunkt: Bamberg
Standard and business German courses
Web: http://www.learn-german.com/

Goethe Institut
Several locations throughout Germany, from Freiburg to Berlin and Bonn to Dresden; intensive courses and preparation for study abroad in Germany; 2 to 8 weeks
Web: http://www.goethe.de/enindex.htm

America: University of the South: Sommer in Sewanee
Summer program in Tennesse, June to July; accommodation included
Web: http://www.sewanee.edu/german/SommerinSewanee/

Middlebury Summer Language Schools
Language courses for undergraduate and graduate students (credits accepted); all levels including culture, literature, and music
Web: http://www.middlebury.edu/academics/ls/


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Johannes Schmidt

706 Strode Tower
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Lee Ferrell

316 Daniel Hall

Jeff Love

515 Strode Tower

Office of International Affairs

E-307 Martin Hall