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Foreign Language Placement Tests

If your intended major requires a foreign language (or if you wish to take a foreign language course as an elective) and you plan to take French, German or Spanish to meet that requirement, you must take the Clemson Foreign Language Placement Test (FLPT) before registering for a foreign language course. Even if you take an AP or IB exam or the SAT II test, you are still required to take the FLPT. You do not have to take the FLPT if you are beginning a new language in which you have no background. If for any reason you think that you may change to a major in the future that may require a language, you should take the test, so that your score is on file. Students are expected to begin their study of the language at the level the test has recommended. Any transfer student who is bringing in credit for a foreign language from another institution and plans to continue in that same language is NOT required to take the Foreign Language Placement Text. This student should simply register for the next level in the language sequence.

Guidelines for Taking the Foreign Language Placement Test (FLPT) 

If you are currently a Freshman or Transfer Student in your first year at Clemson, you are set up already to take the FLPT on line. If you are currently a Sophomore, Junior, or Senior, you should send your name, student ID number, and the language in which you will be taking the test to Roger Simpson at via e-mail.

Before taking the test, you should make sure that you are using a computer or laptop that is fast and that you have earphones for the listening section. You should find a quiet place to take the test, one away from any distractions, such as telephone calls and other interruptions. You may not have any outside help with the exam, including someone else present, a dictionary, or any on-line resources. Keep in mind that if you place yourself into a higher or lower level other than into the one you belong, you are only hurting yourself in the long run.

Using either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Foxfire, you will find the Foreign Language Placement Test at on the internet. Be sure to check the sound before you open up the test. If you have no sound, try it on another computer. Choose the language in which you need to take the test and begin.

You have ONE CHANCE to take the FLPT. Once you begin the test, you must complete it in the allotted time.  Never use the BACK arrow on your browser. If you do so, your score will not be recorded correctly. You must keep moving forward. Skipping a response is the same as submitting as incorrect response.

Once you come to the end of the test, you will immediately find the level at which you should begin your study of that language.  Print the results for your records and to show to your advisor once you meet with him or her.

If you have problems with taking the test, you should contact Roger Simpson via e-mail or the Department of Languages at 864-656-3393.  Remember, however, that once you have begun the exam, you must complete it.  You CANNOT simply start it, take a look at it, and decide to complete it later. You have missed your chance to take the test if this occurs.

ATTENTION: Beginning with the Fall Semester 2011, French 104 and Spanish 104 will NOT be offered during the fall and spring semesters. These courses will be offered only during summer school, so you will need to take 104 in the summer before you begin to take these languages. Because of this, it is especially important that students take the placement test as early as possible.