College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities

Carlisle Sargent

Photograph of Carlisle SargentCarlisle Sargent is a first year MAPC student and native of Virginia Beach, VA. She is a recent graduate of James Madison University, where she received a B.A. in Psychology and Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication. As an undergrad, Carlisle served as the managing editor of Gardy Loo!, the university's literary and arts magazine. She also was a member of a very short-lived comedy group called "Und3rground Construction" (hailed by critics as "the greatest thing to come out of Shenandoah Valley since the Natural Bridge"). 

Before starting at Clemson, Carlisle worked as an editorial intern for Worth Publishers in New York City, an office assistant to an academic Dean, and a writing tutor. Her academic interests include visual communication, media and marketing, and teaching. Her personal interests include sarcasm, Fruit Roll-Ups, and canoeing. Although she is actually working as the MAPC Program Assistant for 2013-2014, you will often find Carlisle in the MATRF. Feel free to say hello.