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Pan African Studies: Connecting the Future to the Past Pan African Studies Pan African Studies Pan African Studies Pan African Studies


About the Program

The global market has made us a global society. Understanding all parts of the world, including an in-depth knowledge of different cultures, religions and backgrounds — not just the statistics — gives students an advantage in the working world. Students in the Pan African studies program are learning that if they can engage with all people, they will be a lot more successful in life. You’ll be taught to ask critical questions about the social, economic, political and familial contributions Africans have made to Western society and to identify connections among Africans in diverse cultures. Pan African Studies also works well as a double major, complementing a primary area of study in politics, business, education, the sciences or the humanities.


Pan African Studies


Fast Facts:

*Pan African Studies is a new degree program offered at Clemson, although it has been a minor for several years.

*Pan African Studies allows our students to adapt their major to fit individual interests, whether hip-hop or some other facet of black culture.

*This major prepares students to work in the fastest growing economy in the world — Africa.

*Our affiliated faculty come from every college across the University and pride themselves on the quality of their teaching and research.