Planning, Development and Preservation

SCAPA Clemson University Chapter Bylaws

Revised: Spring 2008

Article I - Name and Purpose

Section I.
The name of this organization shall be the Clemson University Student Chapter of the South Carolina American Planning Association. Hereafter, the term “Chapter” shall mean the Clemson University Student Chapter of APA.

Section II.
The purpose of the Clemson University Chapter shall be:

A. To represent the American Planning Association on the campus of Clemson University and in the community.

B. To provide an educational and rewarding experience for planning students beyond the classroom.

C. To foster student participation in the state and national chapters of the American Planning Association.

D. To promote the merits of the planning profession.

Section III.
Planning Student Organization status shall be applied for each year by submitting a list of members' names and certification of APA membership to National APA as well as to SCAPA, in order to ensure national recognition of the Clemson Student Chapter of SCAPA.

Section IV.
These bylaws shall always be superseded by the American Planning Association Bylaws, and the policies and procedures established by the American Planning Association Board of Directors, as well as those of SCAPA. In addition, all university regulations must be adhered to by the Chapter.

Article II - Membership

Section I. - Chapter Membership Classes

A. Active membership shall include members of the National APA, SCAPA and the Clemson University Student Chapter who are enrolled at Clemson University, participate in the Planning Studies Program and who have not been granted inactive status.

B. Inactive membership shall include members who are on temporary inactive status due to excessive absences from meetings (more than three/semester) and/or lack of financial contribution to the chapter in the form of dues.

1. Inactive members relinquish the privilege of attending meetings, holding office, receiving assistance for National Conference expenses, and voting on any chapter business. Inactive members may attend Clemson University Student Chapter sponsored social events by invitation from the chapter.

2. The executive committee, with approval from the Chapter, shall issue an official letter to the member stating that they have been declared inactive, after careful review of the member's situation. This letter shall detail Article 11, Section 1, Part B of the Chapter Bylaws.

3. Inactive members who demonstrate their willingness to participate in Chapter activities by attending meetings regularly, helping with committee work, and paying their dues may be granted active status by an affirmative vote from the Chapter, after an active member has called for a vote on the inactive member's behalf. The president may not vote, but can ask for a vote to be taken.

4. Voluntary inactive status is granted for the following reasons:

a) Ill health, supported by a physician’s letter;

b) Severe financial reverses, supported by a letter verifying the member's situation.

C. Alumnae members include all individuals who were members of the Clemson University Student Chapter and who are no longer enrolled in graduate school.

Article III - Officers

Section I. - Requirements for Officers

A. An officer shall be a member of the American Planning Association and be an active member in good standing with the Clemson University Student Chapter of APA.

1. An officer shall be current in his/her financial obligations to the American Planning Association and the student chapter.

2. All officers shall attend chapter meetings on a regular basis. More than three absences per semester shall be considered excessive.

3. No officer shall be granted voluntary inactive status, due to illness or financial difficulty. If an officer must become inactive, they shall remain a member of the student chapter, but without officer status.

Section II. - Elections

A. Elections shall be held for Chapter officers annually before Spring Break

B. Nominating Procedures

1. Nominations shall be taken at the February meeting. Only chapter members may nominate candidates for office.

2. Nominees shall meet the requirements for officer status.

3. All nominees shall have consented to accept the nomination to office.

4. A slate shall be posted immediately after the nomination meeting.

C. Election Procedures

1. Elections shall be conducted following the nominations meeting, but prior to Spring Break.

2. Votes shall be taken by secret ballot and be counted by the President and verified by the Vice President. The President must refrain from voting.

3. A simple majority shall be sufficient to elect a candidate to office.

4. Previously elected officers shall continue duties until the end of the academic semester. There will be a one month transition period for newly elected officers who shall assume full duties at the end of the semester.

5. Transition meeting for new officers shall be held in April

Section III. - Duties of Officers

A. President

1. The president shall serve as the official chapter representative to SCAPA by serving on the Executive Committee.

2. He/she shall call regular meetings of the student chapter and preside over both chapter meetings and executive committee meetings, except as otherwise provided.

3. The president shall appoint and discharge committees.

4. He/she shall prepare an annual program and budget in conjunction with his/her officers and the Chapter. Any on-going projects from the previous administration shall be considered for continuation in the first semester of the new president's term.

5. The president shall submit a student chapter report to be published in the SCAPA newsletter.

B. Vice-President

1. The vice-president shall represent the chapter in the absence of the president. He/she shall be the chapter representative to the Graduate Student Government.

2. He/she shall call and preside over meeting in the absence of the president, and serve as the president should the president be unable to fulfill his/her obligations (until a successor is duly elected).

3. The vice-president shall serve as a program director and assist the treasurer in fundraising initiatives.

4. Votes shall be counted by the vice-president and the president.

C. Secretary

1. The secretary shall take roll and minutes at each official Chapter meeting, and shall seek Chapter approval of the minutes at meetings. He/she shall also post an agenda and the minutes from the previous meeting one week prior to each meeting.

2. A calendar of all university dates, department deadlines, and APA events shall be maintained by the secretary and posted.

3. The secretary shall keep a file of all chapter correspondence, including a current roster, committee lists, and a list of the officers.

4. Any correspondence or public relations activity shall be directed by the secretary.

D. Treasurer

1. The treasurer shall be responsible for providing a projected budget, in consultation with the executive committee and as approved by the Chapter at the Chapter meeting in September.

2. A budget report shall be given by the treasurer once a month at chapter meetings or as otherwise needed.

3. The Treasurer shall be responsible for organizing at least two chapter fundraisers in conjunction with the Vice-President. The funds earned from these events shall contribute to the regular working budget of the Chapter. However, the Chapter may vote to allow one fundraiser to support the delegation to the National Convention.

4. She/he shall receive and disburse funds in accordance with the budget and all University regulations, keeping accurate records.

E. Social Chair

1. The social chair shall be responsible for planning at least 2 social events per semester that may be financially supported by SCAPA. These events shall be open to active SCAPA members and their guests.

2. The social chair shall provide opportunities for other social events on a regular basis, at least once every 2 weeks during the school year (ex. Happy Hour, Football Tailgating, Carowinds, Trips to Greenville, Karaoke, etc.).

3. The social chair shall plan at least 1 event per year to invite alumnae (tailgating, networking event).

F. Media Chair

1. The media chair shall be responsible for informing members of the Chapter and other interested parties on organizational activities and events through appropriate means such as, but not limited to, a periodic newsletter and/or maintenance of the Chapter website.

2. He/she should document events, meetings, and gatherings within the Chapter or of related groups through certain means, including but not limited to note taking, photography, and audio or video recording.

3. He/she will work in conjunction with the president to assist in the writing of Chapter updates to be published in the SCAPA newsletter, and work with other officers for marketing and public relations activities.

G. Officer duties shall also include any other responsibilities customary for each office.

H. The president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer shall make up the executive committee. The executive committee shall meet regularly to discuss meeting agendas and appropriate recommendations to make to the Chapter. All items for the meeting agenda shall be presented at executive committee meetings.


Section IV. - Terms of Office
The term of office for all officers shall be for one year, or until a successor is duly elected.

Section V. - Vacancy in Office

A. In the event the president is unable to complete his/her term of office, the vice-president shall serve as president until a successor is duly elected.

B. In case of a vacancy in any other office, a successor shall be elected, following normal nomination and election procedures, at the next possible meeting.

Section VI. - Removal from Office
A chapter officer shall be removed from office should they not fulfill the requirements in Article III, Section 1 of the Clemson University Student Chapter Bylaws.

Article IV
Faculty Advisor

Section I. - Selection of the Faculty Advisor

A. The Chairperson of the Department of Planning and Landscape Architecture, provided that he/she is member of APA, shall be the faculty advisor of the Clemson University Student Chapter of APA. If the Chairperson is unable to serve as the faculty advisor and/or is not a member of APA, the position may be filled by another Planning Studies professor as provided for by the Department.

B. Review of scholarship applications and selection of awardees shall be the responsibility of the Faculty Advisor. The scholarship recipient list shall be passed along to the treasurer in order for the appropriate checks to be prepared

Section II. - Chapter / Advisor Relationship
The advisor shall be informed on a regular basis of Chapter activities, and shall receive a copy of all official Chapter documentation (i.e. bylaws, budget, and minutes). Although Chapter decisions shall be made by Chapter members, the faculty advisor shall be consulted as to compliance with University and department regulations and expectations, as well as adherence to National and Stat APA standards.

Article V
Chapter Meetings

Section I. - Frequency

A. The Chapter shall meet monthly during the course of each semester at a time determined by the Chapter.

B. Special meetings may be called by the president, by executive committee initiative, by request of three members, or by request of the faculty advisor.

Section II. - Quorum and Voting
Fifty percent of the Chapter's active membership shall be present in order to conduct Chapter business that requires a vote. The secretary shall determine if a quorum is present at roll call. A simple majority of the active membership can approve Chapter business, except for the amendment process which shall require two-thirds approval from the Chapter. The President shall vote only in the case of a tie.

Section III. - Parliamentary Authority
The current edition of Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall be the authority for procedure in all meetings.

Section IV. - Order of Business
Roll Call, Treasurer's Report, Officer’s Reports as needed, Reports of Ad Hoc Committees, Old Business, New Business, and Announcements.


Section I. - Dues

A. Chapter active member dues shall be for the amount mandated by the Clemson University Student Government.

B. All active members shall be encouraged to pay national and state APA dues for the amount mandated by each organization. Officers shall be required to join APA.

C. Students shall be able to the Clemson University Student Chapter apply for scholarships to cover annual APA and SCAPA dues. Applications shall be submitted to the Executive Committee to be passed on to the Faculty Advisor for consideration.

Section II. - Payment

A. Payment of Chapter dues shall be to the Chapter treasurer on the date decided upon by the Chapter for each semester. Members shall be considered delinquent after four weeks, Inactive status may be granted at that point if the executive committee, with approval from the Chapter, finds it necessary.

B. Students who choose to join during the semester shall be allowed to do so; however, they shall not receive financial assistance from the Chapter to attend National Conference. Exceptions can be made for those students just beginning their graduate studies in Planning during the course of the semester.

Section III. - Financial Restrictions

A. All Chapter expenditures exceeding $50 must be approved by the executive committee.

B. All expenses exceeding $100 outside of the stated budget must be approved by the chapter

C. The treasurer must approve all transactions regardless

Article VII

Section I.
The Chapter shall bring its bylaws into conformity with the national and state APA bylaws following any revisions to the documents. Such amendments do not require a vote of the Chapter members, but the Chapter shall be made aware of the changes.

Section II.
An ad hoc committee, composed of Chapter members and directed by the president, shall convene biannually to review the bylaws or as needed. The Chapter shall submit its bylaws and proposed amendments to the faculty advisor for review and approval biannually.

Section III.
Proposed amendments may be submitted for approval at any time, but shall not be adopted by the Chapter until approved by the faculty advisor, and the majority of the Chapter.

Section IV.
The Chapter Bylaws shall be amended by two-thirds vote of the Chapter's active members, a quorum being present, and providing the proposed amendment has been presented in writing at the previous meeting. An amendment shall not become effective until approved by the faculty advisor.

Section V.
The Chapter shall file with the faculty advisor and SCAPA the approved bylaws and amendments after adoption. The secretary shall maintain an updated copy of the bylaws in the Chapter files.