Planning, Development and Preservation

Certificate in Historic Preservation

The Certificate in Historic Preservation is designed to enhance a variety of other degree programs at Clemson through advanced studies in historic preservation. The graduate certificate uses the first semester curriculum of the M.S. in Historic Preservation, otherwise known as the "foundation" semester, which is taken while in residence in Charleston. (Historic preservation courses are also offered on a selected basis on the main Clemson campus in Clemson, South Carolina.) The first semester focuses on documentation and analysis of the design and craftsmanship of the buildings of historic Charleston and the exploration of the philosophy of preservation. Prerequisites and further course requirements are determined by the student's degree program of study.

(Clemson courses are in plain text while the equivalent College of Charleston course is in italic.)

Semester I (Core Semester)
Documentation and Analysis: A semester of "core" curriculum in historic preservation that revolves around developing a deeper understanding of historic architectural fabric through a connected series of NCPE-mandated courses. 15 credits.

History and Theory of Historic Preservation (3)
American Architecture (3)
Historical Research Methods (3)
Investigation, Documentation and Conservation (6)

Additional program requirements: Additional courses necessary to fulfill the program of study.