Planning, Development and Preservation

Course Descriptions

Note: Clemson University courses are in non-italic text; equivalent College of Charleston courses are in italic.

ARCH 605 (HSPV 605) American Architectural Styles 1650 to 1950 (3)
Survey of American architectural styles and the architects responsible for them, from the Colonial period to our recent past. Emphasis is on identifying architectural elements that serve as clues in determining a building’s architectural style. 

HP 610 (HSPV 610) History and Theory of Historic Preservation (3)
Survey history of preservation that explores a variety of theoretical issues that impact the discipline. Provides a basis for critical evaluation of historic preservation. Discusses architectural and planning theories that drive preservation policy and application. 

HP 611 (HSPV 611)  Research and Documentation in Historic Preservation (3)
Introduction to documenting and recording historic buildings and landscapes. Charleston and environs provide case study projects for archival research, field investigation, and preparation of final documentation.

HP 612 (HSPV 612) Materials and Methods of Historic Construction (3)
Survey of traditional materials and methods of construction in America from the 18th century through the early 20th century. Scientific examination of historic construction provide case studies. 

HP 800-400 (HSPV 880) Orientation Week* (1)
An introductory week in Charleston to learn AutoCAD, Photoshop and basic documentation. A daily tour of the Holy City and environs is included in this introduction.

HP 801 (HSPV 620) Legal and Economic Issues in Historic Preservation (3)
Examines historic preservation against the backdrop of contemporary legal and economic issues. Preq: ARCH 605, H P 610, 611, 612; or consent of instructor.

HP 802 (HSPV 802) Historic Preservation Research Seminar (3)
Advanced documentation and analysis of historic resources in preparation for thesis project. Preq: HP 801, 805.

HP 803 (HSPV 803) Advanced Materials and Methods in Conservation (3)
Advanced study of historic building materials and conservation techniques. Preq: HP 805. Coreq: HP 810.

HP 804 (HSPV 880-004) Management and Administration of Historic Preservation (3)
Exposes students to career tracts to focus their personal, professional trajectory. Non-profits, fundraising, community outreach, lobbying, public relations, and ethics are reviewed. Professional projects in this course are created from current preservation and planning issues.

HP 805 (HSPV 805) Preservation Studio (6)
Examines Charleston and its environs through the development of a preservation project for a specific site. Main Street designs, cultural landscape interventions, and measured drawings are implemented and addressed. Preq: ARCH 605, HP 610, 611, 612. Coreq: HP 801. 

HP 806 (HSPV 880-003) Charleston History and the Origins and Practice of Historic Preservation (3)An exploration of the major crosscurrents of the social and cultural history of Charleston and a survey of the historical and contemporary practice of historic preservation in Charleston. 

HP 810 (HSPV 810) Conservation Lab in Historic Preservation (3)
Conservation of historic materials on site and in the lab. Preq: HP 805. Coreq: HP 803. 

HP 811-40* (HSPV 880-00*) Directed Studies/Readings in Historic Preservation (3)
Selected readings and practicums that focus on the history, development, and current practice of historic preservation. Topics are subject to change, but have included urban planning and advanced conservation. Preq: Approval of director and thesis/project committee.

HP 819 (HSPV 819) Investigation, Documentation, and Conservation (3)
A first semester synopsis course designed to integrate skills learned simultaneously in other courses by creating a professionally presented documentation project. 

HP 823 (HSPV 880-01) Historic Interiors (3)
Students gain familiarity with American interiors and decorative arts from early European settlement through the late 19th century. They consider periodization and documentation of the structure, finishes, decora­tions and the material culture of those structures with emphasis on the interpretation of primary documents: inventories, pattern books, accounts, paintings and prints.

HP 833 (HSPV 833) Cultural and Historic Landscape Preservation (3)
Overview of cultural historic landscape preservation principles and practices. Includes inventory and analysis of historic resources from a cultural landscape perspective. Qualities of integrity are studied in correspondence to location, design, setting, materials, workmanship, and feeling and association. Preq: Enrollment in MS in Historic Preservation program or consent of instructor. 

HP 891 (HSPV 891 or HSPV 859) Thesis Research (6)
Thesis or project proposals are defended in the third semester and completed as a multimedia project in the fourth semester of the program. Projects using the historic resources of Charleston and its environs, or other suitable historic sites, are encouraged. To be taken Pass/Fail only. Preq: HP 802, 810, and approval of thesis/project committee.

* Listed as "Internship" in the Clemson graduate course catalog.