Planning, Development and Preservation

M.S. in Historic Preservation

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The 60-credit* graduate program is structured in layers, beginning with an initial core semester devoted to the analysis and documentation of historic sites, followed by an advanced studio-focused semester organized around the development of a preservation project. The second year highlights advanced analysis and conservation studies, historic interiors, project administration, and individual research.

Theses are developed and researched in the third semester and multimedia project work is often completed in the fourth semester of the program.  This may include drawings, lab work, oral histories, surveys, and register nominations to supplement the text.

The organizational structure of the degree program and the curriculum have been developed with the guidance of the AIA, the ASLA, CSI, NCPE and the regional professional community in preservation and design, as well as faculty from peer graduate programs.

Students are dual enrolled in Clemson University and the College of Charleston's Graduate School.

*effective Fall 2014

Master of Science in Historic Preservation Curriculum (60 credit hours required)

Semester I (Core Semester)
Documentation and Analysis: A semester of "core" curriculum in historic preservation that revolves around developing a deeper understanding of historic architectural fabric through a connected series of NCPE-mandated courses. 15 credits.

History and Theory of Historic Preservation (3)
American Architecture (3)
Historical Research Methods (3)
Investigation, Documentation and Conservation (6)

Semester II (Implementation Semester)
An "advanced" semester that focuses on acquiring advanced skills in digital recording, pursuing a preservation project through a studio, investigating and analyzing cultural landscapes and broader assemblages of historic resources as well as a conservation laboratory science class. 15 credits.

Preservation Studio (6)
Cultural & Historical Landscape Preservation (3)
Conservation Laboratory Science (6)

Historic Preservation Internship  (Summer)
Historic Preservation Internship in Historic Preservation: A required non-credit internship offered through a variety of organizations and foundations, including the Historic American Building Survey (HABS), Historic American Landscape Survey (HALS) and the Historic American Engineering Survey (HAES), the International Committee on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), the National Trust, and local museums and foundations as well as preservation practitioners in America and Europe. 3 credits.

Semester III (Advanced Semester)
Implementation/Intervention: A semester focusing on implementation and intervention. At this point in the curriculum, students begin their theses. 15 credits.

Building Technology and Pathology (3)
HP Research Seminar (3)
Preservation Law and Economics (3)
Approved Elective (3)
Approved Elective (3)

Semester IV (Thesis Semester)
Thesis: A final semester during which the focus is on completion of the thesis with additional opportunities to pursue elective courses related to career goals. 12 credits.

Thesis in Historic Preservation (6)
Approved Elective (3)
Approved Elective (3)