Planning, Development and Preservation


2014 Thesis Prize*

Lindsay Lanois received the Preservation Society of Charleston Thesis Prize for 2014 for her thesis The LeConte Lodge: A Lens for the Evolution and Development of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Thesis Mapping

Students have based their thesis work in many locations, both near and far from our Charleston location. Use your mouse to navigate the map above, and click the thesis markers for descriptions and links.

Theses by year:

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2014 Theses

  • Kendy Altizer: Three Hoes in the Kitchen: Historical and Archaeological Exploration of Peachtree Plantation, St. James Santee Parish, South Carolina
  • Megan Funk: The Evolution of the Kentucky Main Street Program- Its Beginning, Expansion and Renaissance
  • Valerie J.M. Heider: Spectrum of the Spirit: Interpreting the Material Connotations of Ecclesiastical Stained Glass in Charleston, South Carolina
  • Kelly Herrick: A Forgotten Castle: Archer and Anna Huntington’s Winter Residence Atalaya in Murrell’s Inlet, South Carolina
  • Lindsay Lanois: The LeConte Lodge: A Lens for the Evolution and Development of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
  • Lindsay Lee: The Colonist’s Concrete: Analysis of a Seventeenth-Century Tabby Floor at Charles Towne, South Carolina
  • Brittany McKee: Domestic Cisterns in Charleston, South Carolina: Public Health and Private Water in an Antebellum City
  • Erin Morton: The Mills Bill: An Economic Impact Study of the North Carolina State Historic Mill Rehabilitation Tax Credit
  • Melissa Roach: Crosstown: Physical Effects of the Expansion of Highway 17 Across the Charleston Peninsula
  • Leigh Schoberth: Detroit's Theaters: A study of Significance and Reuse

2013 Theses

  • Laurel Bartlett -  Quantifying Visitor Impact and Material Degradation at George Washington’s Mount Vernon
  • Charlotte Causey  - Creating the Memory: Change Ringing and the Myth of the “Holy City”
  • Emily Ford - The Stonecutters and Tomb Builders of Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Julianne Johnson  - The Financial Impact of Historic Preservation Easements on Encumbered Property Appreciation Rates in Charleston, SC
  • Pamela Kendrick - The Charleston Trussed Roof: A Study of the Development and Implementation of a Structural Solution from 1740-1820
  • Wendy Madill- Noiseless, Automatic Service: The History of Domestic Servant Call Bell Systems in Charleston, South Carolina, 1740-1900
  • Neale Nickels - The Best Brick House in All the Country: Documenting the Structural Evolution of Medway

  • Rebecca Quandt - Utilizing Neighborhood Snapshot Inventories in the Cooper River Bridge Neighborhood Tax Increment Financing District
  • Mary Margaret Schley- The United Order of Tents and 73 Cannon Street: A Study of Identity and Place
  • Liz Shaw- Adaptive Use Potential of Kitchen and Carriage Houses toward Smart Growth Goals in Charleston, South Carolina
  • Karl Sondermann - Remembering the Legacy of Coastal Defense
  • Julia Tew - A Study of the Aiken-Rhett Stew Stove
  • Amy Elizabeth Uebel - Understanding Architectural Iron Conservation: Corrosion Studies at Fort Sumter National Monument
  • Daniel Watts - The Urban Environment as a Barrier to Historic Preservation: A Mitigation Plan for Falmouth, Jamaica

2012 Theses

  • Caglar Aydin - The Potential of Virtual Heritage Reconstruction in Ansonborough, Charleston, South Carolina
  • Katherine Ferguson - The Making of a Movement: A Qualitative Content Analysis of the National Trust for Historic Preservation Magazine from 1949 to 2010
  • Kelly Finnigan - Fort Drive: Reestablishing Its Significance within Washington, DC's Park System
  • Lauren Golden - Unlocking Drayton Hall: A Survey and Analysis of Hardware at a Southern Plantation
  • Elise Haremski - Little Houses, Big Expenses: A financial Study of Small House Museums in New England
  • Elyse Harvey - Dendrochronology: A Status Report for the Eastern United States
  • Brittany Lavelle - The Making of A Legacy: The Drayton Family Women and Their Influences on the Landscape of the Lowcountry and Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century Charleston
  • Rebecca Long - The Grassroots Preservation of Tiger Stadium, Detroit, Michigan
  • Stefanie Marasco - "The Garden Spot of the Earth:" A Town History and a Historic Resource Survey of Reevesville, South Carolina
  • Joseph Reynolds - One Small Step: An Analysis of the Framework Governing the Apollo Lunar Landing Sites 
  • Mariah Schwartz - The Evolving Philosophy of Climate Control Systems for Historic House Museums in Subtropical Climates: Recommendations for the Aiken-Rhett House, Charleston, South Carolina
  • Syra Valiente - Slave Housing: In Search of Endangered Architecture
  • David Weirick - Castle Pinckney: Past, Present, Future
  • Jamie Wiedman - Ties That Bind: The Emergence of Iron Tie Rod Reinforcement in Load Bearing Masonry Buildings of Charleston, South Carolina

2011 Theses

  • Lauren Cannady - "For Those who Live in the Sun:" Holocaust Commemoration in the Southeastern United States.
  • Lauren Cannady - Under the Shadows of the Eiffel Tower: Holocaust Souvenirs of Paris, Versailles Fellowship, Post-Thesis Research
  • Shelton Converse - St. Thomas and St. Denis Parish Church: An Anglo-Franco Alliance in the Lowcountry.
  • Lora Cunningham - A Forgotten Typology: The Rediscovery of the Train Stations on the Oldest Railroad in the Country.
  • Laura Ingle - Every Day is Fire Day: A Study of Historic Fire Towers and Lookout Life in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
  • Alissa Keller - "Turning Shambles into Showcases:" Herbert A. Decosta, Jr's Role in the Ansonborough Rehabilitation Project in Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Kristina Lanphear - Profile of an Origin: A chemical and Physical Characterization Study of Historic Brick and Clay from the Ashley River, South Carolina.
  • Christine Mathieson - Ambition's Apex: The Private Art Gallery of the Aiken-Rhett House.
  • Rebecca Moffatt - The Fire Houses of Charleston, South Carolina 1881-1943.
  • Ryan Pierce - 404 King Street: The Charleston County Library and Modern Architecture in Charleston.
  • Grace Washam - In the Fork of the Road: A Study of the Burt-Stark House, Abbeville, South Carolina.

2010 Theses

  • Kelly Ciociola - Werner Fecit: Christopher Werner and Nineteenth-Century Charleston Ironwork
  • Rebecca Cybularz - A Survey of the Ecclesiastical Buildings of the J.A. Dempwolf Architecture Firm, York, Pennsylvania.
  • Eileen Grogan - Stained Glass in the Holy City: A Catalog of Ecclesiastical Stained Glass in Charleston, South Carolina
  • Trish Lowe - Volumes That Speak: The Architectural Books of the Drayton Library Catalog and the Design of Drayton Hall
  • Kimberly Martin - Community and Place: A study of four African American Cemeteries in Charleston, SC
  • Erin McNicholl - Gothic Revival Outbuildings of Charleston, South Carolina
  • Amelia Millar - A Study of the Vernacular Beach Cottage Typologies of Sullivan's Island, South Carolina and Documentary Drawings of the Nathaniel Barnwell House for the Historic American Building Survey
  • Rachel Rice - Inman Park: A Historical Resource Survey of Atlanta's First Suburb
  • Katherine Stamps - Charleston History Through Architecture: Educating Students About Historic Preservation, Cultural Heritage, and Social History
  • Josslyn Stiner - Piecing It Together: The Introduction of Delftware Tiles to North America and Their Enduring Legacy in Charleston, South Carolina


  • Meagan Baco. One-Way to Two-Way Street Conversions as a Preservation and Downtown Revitalization Tool: The Case Study of Upper King Street, Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Jeremy Bradham. The Documentation of Lawson’s Pond Plantation and the Craftsmanship Employed in Upper St. John’s Parish, Berkeley County, South Carolina.
  • Laura Burghardt. The Movement of Architectural Elements Within Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Jessica Golebiowski. Rammed Earth Architecture’s Journey to the High Hills of the Santee and its Role as an Early Concrete.
  • Sarah Kollar. A Condition Assessment of the Old Island at Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Emily Martin. The Mansion House by the Bridge: An Account of the Henry Francis DuPont Cottage at Winterthur.
  • Bridget O’Brien. From the Highlands to the Low Country: Assimilation of Scottish Highland Settlers to Local Vernacular Building Traditions.
  • Matt Pelz. Preserving Preeminence Amidst Revitalization: The Role of the Tharp House in the Restoration of Falmouth, Jamaica.
  • Sarah Welniak. Energy Efficiency in Historic Structures.
  • Chase Williston. Cultural Landscape Report: Riverland Terrace.


  • Jamie Lynn Destefano. Three Dimensional Digital Modeling: Benefitting Growth Management and Decision-Making of Charleston's Upper Commercial Corridor.
  • Natalie L. Ford. Paint Consolidation: Preserving the Integrity of Historic Painted Walls.
  • Jason Christopher Grismore. Public Housing on Peninsular Charleston, South Carolina: A History of Subsidized Housing.
  • William Preston Hamilton. A Conditions Assessment and Preservation Guidelines for Second Presbyterian Church's Graveyard, Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Kimberly Cox Jones. The Influences Affecting Charleston's Ornamental Plasterwork and a Link to Its Makers 1820-1860.
  • Hillary Nicole King. Building Preservation Plan Richmond Plantation Manor House, Cordesville, South Carolina.
  • Helen B. Moore. Architectural Iron Preservation Using the Subcritical Fluid Treatment Method: A Case Study Using Drayton Hall's Archaeological Iron Collection
  • Xana Peltola. Moving Historic Buildings: A Study of What Makes Good Preservation Practices When Dealing with Historically Significant Buildings and Structures.
  • Julius Richardson. Early Houses of Williamsburg County.
  • Meg C. Richardson. Demolition by Neglect: An Examination of Charleston's Ordinance.
  • James M. Zwolak. Documentation and Interpretation in Hampstead Village, a Neighborhood on Charleston's East Side.


  • Sandi G. Feaster. The Interpretation and Memory of Places for Segregated Education: A Comparative Analysis.
  • Kathryne M. Joseph. The Missing Link: Archaeological Resource Protection in Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Katie Lawrance. The Documentation and Preservation Plan for the Residence at 62 Montagu Street, Charleston, South Carolina
  • Kimberly C. Norton. The Interpretation of Comingtee Plantation.
  • Christopher A. Ohm. The "Dead House" at the Former Charleston Navy Base and Shipyard.
  • Katie A. Stojsavljevic. Housing and Living Patterns among Charleston's Free People of Color in Wraggborough, 1796-1877.
  • Paul A. Woodward. Historic Preservation and Revitalization in Working-class Communities.


  • Adrienne N. Jacobsen. Memory and the Evolution of Modern Performance Spaces: Preservation Approaches at Charleston's Memminger Auditorium and Riviera Theater.
  • Angela R. Kleinschmidt. A Preservation Plan for North Charleston.
  • Jennifer-Kristine M. Mortensen. The Furnishing and Finishing of Drayton Hall.
  • Cameron Schwabenton. Remembering Randolph Hall: Reuniting the Interior with Its Monumental Past.
  • Joshua A. Skinner. The Evolution of the Chimneystack and Its Importance in Charleston Architecture.
  • Celeste E. Wiley. Making the Transition: Digital Archiving for Preservation.