Planning, Development and Preservation


2014 Thesis Prize*

Lindsay Lanois received the Preservation Society of Charleston Thesis Prize for 2014 for her thesis The LeConte Lodge: A Lens for the Evolution and Development of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Thesis Mapping

Students have based their thesis work in many locations, both near and far from our Charleston location. Use your mouse to navigate the map above, and click the thesis markers for descriptions and links.

Theses by year:

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2014 Theses

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  • Jamie Lynn Destefano. Three Dimensional Digital Modeling: Benefitting Growth Management and Decision-Making of Charleston's Upper Commercial Corridor.
  • Natalie L. Ford. Paint Consolidation: Preserving the Integrity of Historic Painted Walls.
  • Jason Christopher Grismore. Public Housing on Peninsular Charleston, South Carolina: A History of Subsidized Housing.
  • William Preston Hamilton. A Conditions Assessment and Preservation Guidelines for Second Presbyterian Church's Graveyard, Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Kimberly Cox Jones. The Influences Affecting Charleston's Ornamental Plasterwork and a Link to Its Makers 1820-1860.
  • Hillary Nicole King. Building Preservation Plan Richmond Plantation Manor House, Cordesville, South Carolina.
  • Helen B. Moore. Architectural Iron Preservation Using the Subcritical Fluid Treatment Method: A Case Study Using Drayton Hall's Archaeological Iron Collection
  • Xana Peltola. Moving Historic Buildings: A Study of What Makes Good Preservation Practices When Dealing with Historically Significant Buildings and Structures.
  • Julius Richardson. Early Houses of Williamsburg County.
  • Meg C. Richardson. Demolition by Neglect: An Examination of Charleston's Ordinance.
  • James M. Zwolak. Documentation and Interpretation in Hampstead Village, a Neighborhood on Charleston's East Side.



  • Adrienne N. Jacobsen. Memory and the Evolution of Modern Performance Spaces: Preservation Approaches at Charleston's Memminger Auditorium and Riviera Theater.
  • Angela R. Kleinschmidt. A Preservation Plan for North Charleston.
  • Jennifer-Kristine M. Mortensen. The Furnishing and Finishing of Drayton Hall.
  • Cameron Schwabenton. Remembering Randolph Hall: Reuniting the Interior with Its Monumental Past.
  • Joshua A. Skinner. The Evolution of the Chimneystack and Its Importance in Charleston Architecture.
  • Celeste E. Wiley. Making the Transition: Digital Archiving for Preservation.