Planning, Development and Preservation

Robert Turk

Robert TurkWofford College with a B.A. in History, 2011

Previous internship experience with the City of Jacksonville, Florida’s Department of Historic Preservation. Responsibilities included organizing and digitizing the city’s directory of historic properties as well as researching historic structures. Participated in committee hearings and meetings regarding adaptations to historic structures, analyzed weekly reports and prepared presentations for department heads.  Developed extensive relationship skills and ability to address client needs in a timely and professional manner through additional experience as a Financial Solutions Advisor with Merrill Lynch Wealth Management.  Worked diligently with team members and senior management to accomplish quarterly goals.  Also obtained Series 7 license.  Prior experience as a direct sales representative for Vector Marketing (Cutco), which resulted in the sale of over $28,000 in product volume while gaining a solid understanding of the sales and marketing process. Strong interest in adaptive reuse and redevelopment of historic properties in urban environments as well as new developments that use historic principles.