Planning, Development and Preservation

Curriculum & Courses of Instruction


We are one of a handful of graduate real state development programs in the nation that is a joint degree between an architectural and a business college, with required classes in MBA/Finance, Law, Construction Science & Management, Architecture, City & Regional Planning and Real Estate Development. Our students are offered what MBA real estate specializations include - and so much more!

The Clemson University MRED is a 2-year, full-time program. All students must complete at least 57 credit hours; any exemptions from classes previously taken must have adequate replacements to attain the required minimum of 57 credit hours. *If you do not have a related undergraduate degree or course work, curriculum requirements will be 60 credit hours which includes one elective.

Curriculum Specifics

View the MRED Sample Curriculum (Curriculum as of May 2013 if no undergraduate background)

See also the Graduate School Catalog for Real Estate Development Program course sequencing outline, pg. 6-7.

Individual classes are subject to exemption based on an interview with the instructor at the beginning of the semester and by Program Director approval. You must document proficiency in a class, including presentation of a prior syllabus, grade and oral test. The instructor will make the final decision. Advisors may ask students to audit portions of classes pertaining to best practices or areas of deficiency.

If you have no related undergraduate background or course work in real estate, you are limited to only one elective in the MRED program. However, if you have exemptions in one or more classes—because you have an undergraduate degree in finance, architecture, landscape architecture, civil engineering, construction science, urban planning or urban geography — you may have an opportunity to take additional electives. Electives are available in a variety of disciplines, subject to your advisor’s approval.

Course Descriptions

View the Courses of Instruction located in the Graduate School Announcements for full, detailed MRED Program course descriptions.  View abbreviated MRED Program course descriptions and offering rotation here.