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Creativity Professorships

The College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities includes a remarkable diversity of scholars in fields ranging from the highly technical to artistic, with combinations of both. Faculty and students in the College create new knowledge through research in many ways: the creative work of artists, designers and performers; scholarship in the humanities; and empirical studies in planning and construction science. Our research is characterized by original thought and communication of results through peer-reviewed outlets.

Each year since 2012, at least three faculty members in the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities have been appointed to Creativity Professorships. These prestigious two-year terms recognize and support faculty across the College who are engaged in creative teaching and research. Each Creativity Professor receives a cash award and a professional development stipend. What is less defined but equally rewarding is the encouragement of innovative thinking and spirit of collaboration fostered through the program.

Creativity Professors


  • Hala Nassar, School of Architecture
  • Christa Smith, Department of History and Geography
  • Rhondda Robinson Thomas, Department of English


  • David Franco, School of Architecture
  • Hamilton Altstatt, Department of Performing Arts
  • Jonathan Beecher Field, Department of English


  • David Lee, School of Architecture
  • Anthony Bernarducci, School of the Arts
  • Ben White, School of the Humanities


  • Sallie Hambright-Belue, School of Architecture
  • Todd Anderson, School of the Arts
  • Stephanie Barczewski, School of the Humanities


  • Dustin Albright, School of Architecture
  • Maribel Morey, School of the Humanities


  • Ufuk Ersoy, School of Architecture
  • Valerie Zimany, School of the Arts
  • Chenjerai Kumanyika, School of the Humanities


  • Robert Silance, School of Architecture
  • Shannon Robert, School of the Arts
  • Charles Starkey, School of the Humanities


  • Paul Russell, School of Architecture
  • Andrea Feeser, School of the Arts
  • Vernon Burton, School of the Humanities


  • Ulrike Heine, School of Architecture
  • Linda Li-Bleuel, School of the Arts
  • Catherine Paul, School of the Humanities


  • Dan Harding, School of Architecture
  • Keith Green, School of Architecture
  • Christina Hung, School of the Arts
  • James Burns, School of the Humanities