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Faculty Research

The College of Architecture, Arts & Humanities includes a remarkable diversity of scholars in fields ranging from the highly technical to artistic, with combinations of both. Faculty and students in the College create new knowledge through research in many ways: the creative work of artists and designers, scholarship in the humanities and empirical studies in planning and construction science. Our research is characterized by original thought and communication of results through peer reviewed venues. 

2018-19 CAAH Internal Award Winners
Faculty Research Development Program: Research Grants
PI Name Project Title  Department
Andrea Mihalache Boredom's Metamorphosis: Bernard Rudofsky, Robert Venturi, and Saul Steinberg Architecture
Michael Carlos Kleiss Comparative analysis of the geometry and structure of the Colonia Guell crypt and the Sagrada Familia Basilica Architecture
Anderson Wrangle Blue Ridge Parkway Collaborative Survey Art
Andrea Feeser Middle Earth: Artists Jimmie Durham and Maria Thereza Alves Investigate Ancient Mediterranean Culture and Its Legacy Art
Jonathan Beecher Field The Ordering of Towns: Settler Colonialism in Seventeenth-Century New England English
Michael LeMahieu Post 54: Reconstructing Civil War Memory in American Literature after Brown English
Michelle Smith Reforming Women's Work: Rhetorics of Gender in 19th-Century Intentional Communities English
Walt Hunter Forms of a World: Contemporary Poetry and the Making of Globalization English
Michael Silvestri "A country that has served the world well with police": Ireland and the Policing of the British Empire History
Stephanie Barczewski The English Country House: A British, European and Global History History
William Terry Be Our Guest: Temporary foreign guest workers in tourism and hospitality industries History
Kumiko Saito Visions of the Future and the Making of a Modern Nation: The Role of Translated Works of Science Fiction in Meiji Era Japan Languages
Pauline de Tholozany A History of Impatience - Book Chapter on medical practices in 19th-century France Languages
Tiffany Creegan Miller Ri taq wuj kichin ri tz’ibanela’ kaqchikela’: Pan-Maya Activism and the Accessibility of Kaqchikel Maya-Authored Publications and the Neoliberal Book Market in Guatemala Languages
Mashal Saif State and Subject Formation in South Asia Philosophy & Religion
Faculty Research Development Program: Collaborative Grants
PI Name Project Title  Department
Dina Battisto The Influence of Windows on Surgeons' Stress Architecture
Humanities Advancement Board
PI Name Project Title  Department
Jonathan Beecher Field The Ordering of Towns: Settler Colonialism in Puritan New Egland English
Brookes Brown Loneliness as a Subject of Justice Philosophy & Religion
Research Travel Grants
Elizabeth Rivlin Special Collections Research at the University of Chicago with the Mortimer J. Adler Papers English
Rod Andrew Research travel for book project: survival of the USMC History
Stephanie Barczweski Brexit and British History History
Joseph Mai "Rithy Panh and the cinematic landscape of post-genocide Cambodia" Languages
Mashal Saif Tradition and Technology: Islamic Legal Pronouncements in the Computer Age Philosophy & Religion
Short-Term Visiting Fellows
Brian McGrath & Walt Hunter Lecture and Seminar for Susan Stewart from the Avalon Foundation at Princeton University English
Erin Goss Funding for Dr. Sara Guyer (Keynote, IRC, 2018) as a Short-Term Visiting Fellow English
Vernon Burton Lincoln's Unfinished Work History
Invited Lecturer Fund
Steve Marks Aviel Roshwald Lecture: Regimes and Identities under Occupation: Europe and Asia in World War II History
Steven Grosby Nancy Hardesty Lecture: Ralph Ellison and the African-American Religious Experience Philosophy & Religion
Graduate Research Award
Mikkaela Bailey Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School History
Lightsey Fellowship
PI Name Project Title Department
Andrew Lemons Lightsey Fellowship: The Missing Centers of Poetics and Sci Fi English
Michelle Ty When History Merges into Setting: Walter Benjamin and the Critique of Human Sovereignty English
Pennell Center for Research in Design and Building
PI Name Project Title  Department
Joseph Choma Paper Folding to Foldable Composites Architecture
Vincent Blouin Experimental Testing of Electrochromic Glazing for Visual Comfort and Usability Architecture
Elora Raymond Displacement and the Law: Legal Contexts and Foreign Investment in Residential Real Estate City Planning and Real Estate Development
Ehsan Mousavi Measuring the Microbial Load in Operating Rooms due to Door Motion and Traffic Flow: Proof of Concept Construction, Science, and Management


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