College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities

Frequently Asked Questions

I have an idea for a funded project. How should I proceed?
Discuss your idea with colleagues to gain additional insight into your concept and identify potential collaborators who can contribute valuable expertise.  You may also contact one of the faculty research committee members in your area for guidance.  Alert the Office of Research Support about your proposal early in the process.  The staff can help locate funding sources and assist you with the proposal development processes.

Where can I find information for my grant proposals, such as the University's DUNS number, Tax ID, etc?
Clemson University's standard proposal information is available from the Office of Sponsored Programs. Link: Standard Information

What are the current rates for the Graduate Assistant Differential?
The new GAD rates are based on a Tier system. To determine which Tier your graduate student belongs in, find the appropriate program on the Tier Detail List. If you have any questions or comments, please contact our office at 864-656-2491 or

How does AAH handle electronic submissions?
Electronic submissions are generally submitted by the Office of Sponsored Programs. Please send your guidelines, proposal, and processing form to our office as usual. AAH Research Support will assist you in correcting any issues that may need attention, and will then submit the proposal electronically for you after obtaining the proper approvals. 

How does AAH handle internal submissions?
Internal submissions are proposals in response to an RFP that has been published internally to Clemson University. These opportunities are only open to investigators from within Clemson. As such, AAH is not required to review them, but we will do so upon request. However, if the internal process requires a Dean’s level signature, please bring it to 2-118 Lee Hall for signature.

What is the relationship between AAH and the Development Office? Does AAH process gifts?
AAH can coordinate with the Development Office in processing proposals to private sponsors (foundations, corporations, etc). If you have any question about whether your potential funding will be a gift or a grant, you may contact our office for assistance.

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