College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities

Grant Proposal Forms

Proposal Processing Form

ClemsonUniversity's internal grant processing form. This form must accompany all grant submissions. It requires your (PI) signature and that of your department head. AAH Research Support will obtain all dean level signatures after comprehensive proposal review.

Cost Share Agreement Form and Cost Share Approval Form

Normally, neither the University nor the College supports cost sharing unless required by a sponsor.  This form must accompany the processing form for grant submissions that involve University matching funds when required by a sponsor.

Generic Title Page Form

Generic title page for authorized signatures. Use this form if your proposal does not require an SF424 or other agency specific cover page.

Risk Project Request Form

Internal Clemson form to request a risk project account number for a pending grant project.

SF 424

Federal budget form, required for many Federal grant submissions. (NOTE: If your proposal is being submitted through, you will need to fill out the online application package, which includes the appropriate SF424 form.)

Need a form you don't see here? Contact us or visit the Office of Sponsored Programs