College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities

Project Management

When an award is granted, the Office of Sponsored Programs negotiates the award and sends the award package to Grants and Contracts Administration (GCA), where a project account number is assigned.  Post-award administration is carried out by the AAH Business Office and the departmental staff in each department.  You will work closely with these units in managing your grant.

Faculty Business Information System Now Available

The Faculty Business Information System is available to faculty at . FBIS is also accessible from Faculty and Staff homepage ,the University's "A-Z Index, Blackboard, and the Grants and Contracts Administration homepage.

The web-based system provides faculty with financial information related to grants and contracts and the ability to monitor financial performance at-a-glance. The standard reporting views that are available (with input from faculty and financial staff) are as follows:

Project Status

Project Life Budget Balance

Payroll by Person

Payroll by Person by Date

All Expenditures (Personnel, Other, Transfers. Accounts, Departments)

Data within each of the above reports can be downloaded into Excel to perform projections and analytics. A description of each report is located below. Additional reports can be requested by contacting Andrea Owens at