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Andrew Collins

Name:  Andrew Collins

Major:  Architecture

Hometown:  Lexington, SC

Quote:  Earning a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture at Clemson has enabled me to collaborate with students in different majors. Not only has this strengthened my perspective of who I will be designing for in the future, it has also enabled me to give back to the University that has already given me so much.

Name:  Chris Sandkuhler

Major: Architecture

Hometown:  Lititz, PA

Quote:  People always ask me why Clemson is so special but it is too hard to describe. Clemson is like 55 Exchange ice cream, I don’t know what or how much is in it, but it is so so great.

Chris Sandkuhler
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Communication Studies

Madison Sooper

Name:  Madison Cooper

Major:  Communication Studies

Hometown:  Georgetown, SC

Quote:  The greatest blessing that comes from majoring in Communication Studies at Clemson is that the curriculum is student friendly. The flexibility and diversity of the major coursework allows students to create their own path, whether it be to focus on politics, mass media, sports, the healthcare industry, or public relations.

Name:  Mary Sarah Komar

Major:  Communication Studies

Hometown:  Columbia, SC

Quote:  My favorite Clemson memory has to be storming the field after the Clemson-UGA football game. There was so much excitement from Clemson’s win and the atmosphere was electric. It is a memory I won’t forget!

Mary Sarah Komar
Virginia Wilson

Name:  Virginia Wilson

Major:  Communication Studies

Hometown:  Columbia, SC

Quote:  Nothing could be finer than to be a Clemson Tiger.

Name:  Jessica Rose Wiseman

Major:  Communication Studies

Hometown:  Summerville, SC

Quote:  I love being a Communication Studies major because the major is so broad and the options are endless.

Jessica Wiseman
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Construction Science and Management

Jared Watts

Name:  Jared Watts

Major:  Construction Science and Management

Hometown:  St. Matthews, SC

Quote:  A favorite aspect of my major is learning teamwork skills that are crucial in the Construction industry as well as in all avenues of life in general.

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Name:  Beth Ann Miralia

Major:  English

Hometown:  Charlotte, NC

Quote:  I absolutely love being an Ambassador for AAH because of the unique perspective it provides. Reassuring and convincing prospective students about the college of AAH allows me to reflect on my time here at Clemson.

Beth Ann Miralia
Cara Sizemore

Name:  Cara Sizemore

Major: English

Hometown:  Greer, SC

Quote:  The best thing about being an English major for me is the freedom you get in this major; I've taken creative writing classes where you get to write about whatever your heart desires, and that's just a lot of fun to me! English is all about analyzing, and there's some freedom of interpretation there. There's usually not just one correct answer to whatever question you're trying to answer, like there is in math or most sciences.

Name:  Diana Kline

Major:  English

Hometown:  Manassas, VA

Quote:  My favorite aspect of my major is that all my classes are discussion based so I really get to know my professors and fellow students.

Diana Kline
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Joanna Nieman

Name: Joanna Nieman

Major: History

Hometown:  Central, SC

Quote:  My favorite Clemson memory is not one specific event but all the amazing people I’ve met here and the good times we’ve had together.

Name:  Claire Van Strien

Major:  History

Hometown:  Hingham, MA

Quote:  I love the flexibility of my major, in what I study and my future careers. From teaching to law to art, I’m never limited in my options to explore a variety of subjects.

Clair Van Strien
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Landscape Architecture

Nicole Cary

Name:  Nicole Cary

Major:  Landscape Architecture

Hometown:  Mechanic Falls, ME

Quote:  Landscape Architecture at Clemson is great. I’ve made some of my best friends in the studio. And the small class size allows you to work closely with professors.

Name:  Nic Hernandez

Major:  Landscape Architecture

Hometown:  Greenville, SC

Quote:  The Landscape Architecture program at Clemson has been a great experience. From the close-knit community of students and professors, to the travels that I have done, California and Boston, and am going to do, Dubai, Denver, and Barcelona, it has been nothing but positive.

Nic Hernandez
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Language and International Health

Josh Arrage

Name:  Josh Arrage

Major:  Language & International Health

Hometown:  Fort Mill, SC

Quote:  The best thing about my major is that it takes the normal Health Science major and gives them the skill to not only be successful in the Health Science field, but in any field that requires language. With the rise of Global ties in the world today, knowing a second language is becoming an increasingly important skill and with this major it gives you an advantage over many other job applicants.

Name: Ashleigh Frialde

Major:  Language & International Health

Hometown:  Buffalo, NY

Quote:  The best thing about my major (Language & International Health: Spanish) is that it requires you to study abroad. Not only are you able to be immersed within the language, you get to experience culture and practice and what you've learned in the classroom in real life.

Ashleigh Frialde
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Language & International Trade

Courtney Meeks

Name:  Courtney Meeks

Major:  Language & International Trade

Hometown:  Greenville, SC

Name:  Abby Houston

Major:  Language & International Trade

Hometown:  Malvern, PA

Quote:  As an out-of-state student from Philadelphia, I get to enjoy the benefits of meeting new people and those from local areas who have shown me how awesome Clemson is. L&IT is a great major filled with interesting classes and amazing faculty, and is one I’m very proud of. The AAH Ambassador program has allowed me to learn more about my college, appreciate different majors, and meet some of my favorite people at Clemson.

Abby Houston
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Modern Languages

Ashley Jamison

Name: Ashley Jamison

Major: Modern Languages-Spanish

Hometown:  Greenville, SC

Quote:  My major offers many opportunities to study abroad which has been a greataddition to my undergraduate experience.

Name:  Kayla Maybin

Major:  Modern Languages-American Sign Language

Hometown:  Charlotte, NC

Quote:  Anything worth doing is worth over-doing. Tigers fans are always over the top and love it!

Kayla Maybin
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Performing Arts

Bryan Daniels

Name:  Bryan Daniels

Major:  Performing Arts-Music

Hometown:  Charlotte, NC

Quote:  The arts are alive at Clemson University! Many people are unaware of all the different opportunities for students to succeed in the Arts at Clemson. My experience has been like no other and I will never forget the opportunities and experiences that my time in the Clemson Performing Arts program has afforded me.
Go Tigers!

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Name:  Elliot Barrow

Major:  Philosophy

Hometown:  Charleston, SC

Elliot Barrow
Clayton Denmon

Name:  Clayton Denmon

Major:  Philosophy

Hometown:  Charleston, SC

Quote:  Work hard, be genuine, and have fun!

Name:  Kamairi Fayall

Major:  Philosophy

Hometown:  Alvin, SC

Quote:  Nothing worth having in life comes easy. Work hard, play hard, and excel beyond measure. Philippians 4:13 is the motto.

Kamarir Fayall
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Visual Arts

Laddie Neil

Name:  Laddie Neil

Major:  Visual Arts

Hometown:  Greenville, SC

Quote:  Being an art major at Clemson has taught me to get out of my comfort zone! My teachers have shown me new ways in creating and exploring art at the best placeon Earth!

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