College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities


Women's Studies is making leadership a centerpiece of its program.

Through specialized programs combining academic and hands-on experiences, our goal is to help students better understand the central components of leadership, whether and how gender affects leadership styles and strategies, and how to take leadership in their personal and professional lives, whatever their field of study.

A specialized curriculum, leadership development workshops, summer internships, network development, and individual leadership actions will all be part of this effort. In inspiring young women to become strong, resilient leaders, we will focus on such leadership skills as:

  • Developing your passion;
  • Compelling communication of a vision;
  • Enlisting others in your goals;
  • Building community and workplace support;
  • Developing strong skills as a negotiator;
  • Taking control of your financial future;
  • Learning to be more courageous, resilient in the face of failure, and willing to take appropriate risks.

Fall 2012 Leadership Conference:
We will put on a conference on October 25 and 26th, 2012 devoted to women's leadership. We're currently developing the format and the speakers for the conference.

Our Needs:
A Women's Leadership Advancement Board would help provide the seed money for:

  • student scholarships (of $1000-2000 for top participants in the program);
  • leadership workshops and a speaker series on campus;
  • mentoring and internship opportunities for students;
  • networking events;
  • helping the program develop strong ties to the community.