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Women's Studies Minor

Is the Women's Studies Minor for you?

Are you interested in learning new ways to analyze the interactions of diverse groups of people? Do you want to know more about the history of women and the expanding opportunities for women in the 21st century? Do you want to understand how women have contributed to civilizations across cultures? If so, the Women's Studies Minor may be for you.

Women's Studies is a minor that complements many majors in which new research has begun to focus on women's issues and perspectives: history, English, sociology, nursing, education, business, the sciences, and the creative arts. An understanding of Women's Studies' issues enhances students' preparation for careers in education, business, law, medicine, and government.


A minor concentration in Women's Studies requires 15 credits at the 300 and 400 levels, distributed as follows:

Group I — 6 credits
Women's Studies Courses

Group II — 6 credits
Courses that focus entirely on women and gender issues
(And any additional courses approved for group II)

Group III — 3 credits
Courses that have substantial focus on women and gender issues chosen from any course approved for the Women's Studies Minor

Click here for full listing of Women's Studies Courses, or

Click here for the current semester's Women's Studies courses.


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