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Officer Team

Meet the Officer Team

President: Cody White

Hometown: Abbeville, SC

Cody is a Senior in Agribusiness and a Political Science minor.  He wants to become a policy analyst in the future.  Cody is "honored to serve as the President of hte Agribusiness Association during this exciting time in our club."  He adds that "it is a pleasure to be apart of the growth of the club and I look forward to all the things we can accomplish this year."  


Vice President: Bennett Hall

Hometown: Columbia, SC

Bennett is a Senior, Agribusiness major student. He plans to attend graduate school after he graduates and hopefully start his own business. His interests include all sports, fishing and hiking.


Secretary: Adam Turner

Hometown: Travelers Rest, SC

Adam is a Senior, Agribusiness major and Business Administration minor student. HIs goals are to go into some type of agricultural sales after graduation. Adam is excited to help the club in any way he can this year.


Treasurer: Ashlyn Hatcher

Hometown: Lake View, SC

Ashlyn is a junior Agribusiness Major. She will graduate with a double minor in Business Administration and Financial Management. With these two minors Ashlyn hopes to work for an Agricultural Finance company such as ArborOne or AgSouth. Ashlyn is excited about one more year at Clemson, and can't wait to serve as the club's treasurer.


Merchandise Officer: Alanah Frye

Hometown: Lexington, SC

Alanah is a Senior Agribusiness major and Sociology Minor. After graduation she is hoping to find a job in the Agribusiness banking/farm credit sector. She has been with a member of the club since her Freshmen year at Clemson and "Can't wait to see our club continue to grow this year"


Merchandise Officer: Sarah Decker

Hometown: Marin County, CA

Sarah is a Junior Agribusiness and Spanish major. Her goal is to work in an international agribusiness environment, so she can pursue both of her fields of study. Sarah has a passion for excellence, and looks forward to growing with the club during such an exciting time. In addition to her studies and work with the Agribusiness Association, Sarah is an athlete on the Clemson Women's Rowing team.


Advisor: Dr. Michael Vassalos

Hometown: Athens, Greece

Dr. Vassalos is an Assistant Professor in the Agricultural Sciences department at Clemson. Dr. Vassalos earned his PhD in agricultural economics from University of Kentucky in 2013. His research interests include  Farm/Agribusiness management and production economics. Dr. Vassalos has been the advisor of the Agribusiness Association since his arrival at Clemson University in August, 2013.