Support for our research

Our research is supported by the following grants:

NSF Project DEB-0841636
(Principal Investigator: P. H. Adler; Co-Principal Investigators: J.W. McCreadie, J. K. Moulton)
Discovery and Prediction of Hidden Biodiversity in Black Flies (Diptera: Simuliidae)
General information about black flies and our research on black flies
Biodiversity and black flies PDF file (6MB)
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NSF Project PEET 0933218 (Principal Investigator J. Moulton; Co-Principal Investigators: P. H. Adler, G. Coutney, P. Cranston, B. Sinclair)
MIDGEPEET: A Collaborative Effort to Increase Taxonomic Expertise in Understudied Families of Nematocerous Diptera
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Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin (Principal Investigator: P. H. Adler) Effects of Black Flies on Nesting Whooping Cranes
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