Current Lab Members

The folks behind the flies...

Picture of the group from2013

Fall 2013 BioMIA lab photo. Left to right: Matúš Kúdela, Tatiana Brúderová, Charles "Eddie" Beard, Suellen Pometto, Mouna Cherairia, Fredy Alexander Colorado Garzón, Peter H. Adler


Peter H. Adler, Professor, Ph.D.

Charles E. Beard, Research Specialist, Ph.D.

Katherine L. Gleason, Graduate Student M.S.

Yao-Te Huang, Research Scholar Postdoc, Ph.D.

Karena Kwauk, Graduate Student M.S.

Matthew S. Lehnert, Postdoctoral Fellow, Ph.D.

Kyle S. Parks, Graduate Student M.S.

Dustin A. Swanson, Graduate Student Ph.D.

Holly C. Tuten, Graduate Student Ph.D.

William "Bill" Wills, Adjunct Professor

 Members of the BioMIA Lab 2010
Fall 2010 BioMIA lab photo. Left to right: Front-Holly Tuten, Karena Kwauk, Katherine Gleason, Back- Bill Wills, Charles "Eddie" Beard, Peter H. Adler, Dustin A. Swanson, Matthew S. Lehnert, Yao-Te Huang, Kyle Parks