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114 Long Hall, Box 340315
Department of Entomology, Soils, and Plant Sciences
Clemson University
Clemson, South Carolina 29634-0315
Phone: (864) 656-5070
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E-mail: dswanso@clemson.edu
Peter H. Adler, Ph.D.

My main research interest is the insect family Ceratopogonidae (Diptera), commonly known as biting midges, punkies, or no-see-ums. These small flies are diverse in terms of species, behavior, and ecology. Much work is needed on this family as we currently know little of adult hosts and the larvae for most species have not been described. Much of the current classification is in need of revision as many groups are probably polyphyletic or paraphyletic. My dissertation research is focused on the larval ecology of the genus Culicoides, the major pest genus in the family. I am assessing what ecological variables determine the distribution of larvae in aquatic habitats. This requires molecular association of the larvae with the adults because no comprehensive identification key exists for all Culicoides and in all larval instars. The data collected from the molecular associations will be used to infer a phylogeny to assess if there are phylogenetic patterns of habitat use. Other areas of interests include systematics, ecology, and host associations for other genera of Ceratopogonidae and families of hematophagous Diptera, as well as medical-veterinary entomology in general.


B.S. (2005) Combined Biology and Chemistry. Illinois College, Jacksonville, IL
M.S. (2007) Entomology. Clemson University, Clemson, SC
Ph.D. (Expected May 2011). Entomology. Clemson University, Clemson, SC

Vertical distribution of hematophagous flies (Diptera) and their hematozoan parasites in South Carolina forests
Ecology of larval Culicoides (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) in South Carolina with an assessment of phylogenetic patterns of habitat use

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Culicoides crepuscularis female

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