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Peter H. Adler, Ph.D.



All things parasitic, zoonotic, or hematophagic.

My doctoral research is on mosquito ecology in the Greenville Zoo, Greenville, SC and the Riverbanks Zoo, Columbia, SC. I'm conducting this research to provide science with a better understanding of the potential health risks posed by mosquitoes interfacing with animals and humans in a zoo setting. Additionally, I aim to use the zoos as natural experiments for the investigation of mosquito behavior and biology. Finally, my research will benefit the zoos by providing an empirical basis for mosquito control recommendations.

In 2008 and 2009 I sampled mosquito larvae in both zoos and collected information on environmental variables of habitats with and without larvae. The purpose of the research was to census mosquito species across seasons, and to create a predictive model of larval mosquito distribution in the zoos that could be used to provide zoos with mosquito control recommendations. I am currently revising a manuscript on the research for publication. Beginning in 2009 and continuing through 2011 I am collecting adult female mosquitoes in both zoos. I am investigating the identity of mosquito hosts (inferred from blood-meals). Additionally, I am testing mosquitoes to determine if they are vectors for the causative agent of dog heartworm, Dirofilaria immitis.

Mosquitoes are the basis of my doctoral research but I am interested in many aspects of ecology and entomology. Lately I have been reading about: Hopkin's host-selection principle, the evolution of aposematic coloration and mimicry, behavior and learning in insect vectors, insect intermediate hosts of the rat tapeworm (Hymenolepis diminuta), insect parasites and human culture, parasite importance to ecological food webs, and human evolutionary history.



B.S. (2006) Biology (with Chemistry minor). University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC.


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Mosquito larva
Culex salinarius larva

mosquito larvae
Culex salinarius larvae

Emerging male mosquito
Adult male emerging