Summer Science Days!

Gather your favorite youth group (rising 5th-8th graders) and bring them to the Summer Science Days at the Life Sciences Outreach Center for some fun with science!

Download a printable flyer to post and share!

Who: Rising 5th-8th graders in a youth group (church, Scouts, academic teams, neighborhood/community group, etc.) Labs for elementary or HS groups can be arranged– contact Professor Vicki Corbin to discuss.

Where: G-26 Jordan Hall, Clemson University. 

When: 9:00am-12:15pm - T, W, Th, July 22-24

Early Bird Fees (pay by June 18)
• $45/participant (3 day session)
• Chaperones are welcome to participate! Count yourself as a participant when you register.
• Non-participating chaperone: Free
• Payment due at registration, see link below

Fees after June 18
• $55/participant (3 day session)
• Payment due at registration, see link below

Groups must be accompanied by 1 adult (over 18) chaperone for every 8 children. Each lab holds 32 with a 10 participant minimum. Fees will be refunded only if the lab does not run.  Deadline to Register: July 1

Instructors: Professor Vicki Corbin and Dr. Heidi Jordan, College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences

REGISTRATION - (closed July 1)

Information for registered participants:

  • Parking map - park only in areas designated as summer conference parking with your summer programs parking permit
  • Driving directions
  • Permission Form - Please bring a signed Parental Consent/Release of Liability permission form for each student to Clemson on Tuesday– students without a signed form may not attend.  Note that the form is front and back, and both sides require signatures.  
  • Logistics letter to chaperones/parents

From Frankenstein to Fruit Flies!    Tuesday
Scientists make and use mutant organisms to understand how normal organisms work and to understand the logic of life. You’ll build DNA models and learn how errors in the genetic code arise and lead to new traits or diseases. You’ll observe normal and mutant organisms as a way to figure out the functions of the normal genes.

Edible Science: play with your food!   Wednesday
Uncover the chemistry of food through a variety of fun activities. You’ll make milk kaleidoscopes, make and launch an edible rocket, make projectile toothpaste, fly eggs, throw eggs, and learn what makes a cake light and fluffy. Mealtime will never be the same!

Become a Crime Scene Investigator!   Thursday
Don’t let the criminal get away! You’ll learn how to take and analyze fingerprints—from yourself and from crime scenes; how to isolate DNA from yourself (Parental Waiver Required) and/or from evidence. You’ll use modern molecular techniques to analyze the DNA and solve the crime!

For more information:
Vicki Corbin  864/656-1634
Heidi Jordan  864/656-1757